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by ItsAZZA at 3:42 PM
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Hey everyone,

Things have been quiet in BuildCraftia but fear no more! Updates have been worked on in the background and this are taking shape slowly but surely.

We're aware that the Survival server is down at the moment and we're looking for a solution to get it up and running as soon as possible. Due to some bugs with the server billing, we're unfortunately going to rely on our backups to bring it back. We apologize for any inconveniences caused by this! All other server are running normally as of this moment.

Then to the release notes with some recent updates.

➤ Creative
Some new additions have been added to our Creative server.

» LaunchPads
Actually a proper plugin create by me, which is widely used in our Realm servers. We've added access to this awesome plugin on our Creative server and we can't wait to see what kind of features you can come up with them!

Basically, launch pads are exactly what the name says. Set up with a pressure plate and a sign, you can...
by ItsAZZA at 2:20 PM
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Hey everyone,

Last time I told you about BannerZ and I'm here to announce it's been released to our Creative server! The plot settings menu also got re-coded and has more features than before.

BannerZ is the new era of banners. Looms made creating banners easy but BannerZ aims to make it even better! With BannerZ you can create, edit and save banners.
/bannerz : Open BannerZ main menu
/bannerz create : Create a new banner
/bannerz edit : Edit a banner in your hand
/bannerz mybanners : Show your personal banner library
/bannerz save : Save the banner in your hand to your library
/bannerz alphabet : Open alphabet & number banner creator

► Editor / Creator Menu
You can edit any banner that you hold in the editor view. You can also shift-right-click any banner in the world to open the editor for that banner (requires build permissions).

In this menu you can:

  • ...
by ItsAZZA at 4:09 PM
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Hey everyone,

I remembered we have a thing called Forums and decided to post our change log here since it's quite extensive. It literally cannot fit in one Discord message. It's really command-heavy thread, but they are all to use new features: enjoy!

1. Party

New features to Party: change the party chat colors!
/party nameprefix <colorcode>
/party messageprefix <colorcode>

Where <colorcode> is any color code between 0-9 or a-f.


2. Realms
Added new commands & features to Realm owners.
/realms kick <player> : Kicks player from the Realm

/hug toggle : Enable/Disable hug
/hug cooldown <time> : Set hug cooldown
/slap toggle : Enable/Disable slap
/slap cooldown <time> : Set slap cooldown
/compliment toggle : Enable/Disable compliment command
/compliment cooldown <time> : Set compliment command cooldown
/pickup toggle : Enable/Disable pickup command
/pick cooldown...
by ItsAZZA at 10:46 AM
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Hey, everyone! Now that Creative’s been on 1.13 we’ve concentrated on improving the Creative experience. Some of these include features that are already in other servers.

We have a lot of to talk about and more information about these custom features is going to be added to our GitHub Wiki page.

What’s new?
  1. New welcome messages
  2. New announcement system
  3. New “What To Build?” system
  4. Potion Effects Menu
  5. Compliment & Pickup commands
  6. Lore, Name and SignEdit commands
  7. Toggleable redstone lamps (shift+right click)
  8. NoteBlockTuner™
  9. Leather Armor Dyer
  10. Fortune Cookie command
1. New welcome messages
We thought to spice up the welcome messages. These are all themed around the ones on Discord at the moment, but we want to add new ones as well. You can go and suggest yours at the new Community Projects section on our Discord!


2. New announcement...
by ItsAZZA at 2:11 PM
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Hey, it's been a long while since we've updated the server here on the Forums.
If you want to stay updated on BuildCraftia News, please join our discord at

Introducing NoteBlockTuner™
NoteBlockTuner™ is a handy tool for changing noteblock notes. You simply shift right click a noteblock and a tuning menu is opened. Here you can select the note you want to apply to the noteblock. First click selects the sound and plays it for you and the second one applies it. You can get NoteBlockTuner™ with a single vote for 1 hour or permanently with 50 Reputation. This feature works only on Survival at the moment.

Introducing Potion Menu & Command
This is probably one of the most extensive feature yet on Polarbear plugin, totaling with almost 500 lines of code. Potion menu gives you an easy access to almost all the Minecraft potion effects and it lets you control the effects (duration and power). This also adds the...
by ItsAZZA at 2:26 PM
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The Update Aquatic has arrived on BuildCraftia! We decided to update Survival server first, before everything else. We’re waiting for the 1.13.2 version of Spigot to be sure that Creative can safely be updated.

Because of this, you need to connect to Survival with 1.13.1 using the IP:

We have plans to update the rest of the network this weekend.

So, what’s new in BuildCraftia Survival 1.13?
1. New Admin Shop System
2. Collectibles
3. Crafting recipes for double slabs
4. New world & Worldborder

1. New Admin Shop System

Survival has received the new custom admin shop system. New items were added and the prices were revised from the old Survival.

The new admin shops adds many new items. Neatly organized in this new design.

by Kashers at 7:46 PM
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There has been a lot of talk recently about the BCAwards, and more questions have been brought up about it in the past week than there has been in the past year and a half of my absence. However, i hope i can answer any questions you guys have regarding the information enlisted in the thread.

I've taken into consideration all of the banter that has occurred recently regarding the event and have put it into my mind to host one final awards show, along with NapkinDabber. The BCAwards was a huge hit the first and second year it was hosted. Though, there has always been controversies regarding the award show. I'm going to ensure that this year that will not occur and that I can bring the community a brand new experience with a balanced voting/nomination system and create memories that can last. But remember, the awards show is a community event, meaning every vote...
by Alkaline at 3:52 PM
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The Buildcraftia build competitions are back!

Build competitions have been absent for some time now, but since the community
showed interest in holding new contests we decided to bring them back.
(Thank you Napkin for your continued support!)

Now for these contests to work we need at least 5 entries, information on how to enter down below.

You can apply until the first of July!
The contest will close on July 15.

Our first build competition of 2018 starts off simple with a "STORE" theme!
Whether it's a grocery store a shoe store or even a sushi store,
let your eye for detail show in this build competition.

For this contest we will allow pre-made plot themes, not as a prerequisite but optional.


We have some new and some old prizes returning for this competition.

First of all we are rewarding the winner with a 10$ coupon code to be spent on...
by FatherFan at 4:03 PM
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Hello everyone!
I'm going to cut right to the chase on this one because I'm simply too tired to be writing a full fledged thread for this.

Congratulations to our new Helpers: jeremy333, WordShultz, Masterbuild2k17!
On top of that, since Mr. Alkaline has a certain history of being a staff member, the BuildCraftia Staff Team is happy to announce the addition of Alkaline as our newest Moderator!

Either way, congratulations to these 4 guys. Be sure to have fun as staff members!

Thank you!
Have a nice day on BuildCraftia.
by FatherFan at 4:10 PM
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Hello everyone, I'll see if I can cut to the chase with this one.

After a tad bit of deliberating, the entire staff team have decided to open our doors to a few more members. This time around, we will be hoping to welcome 3 new staff members.
However, we are bringing back the old rank of Helper, a trial session of the staff life, until you feel ready and accustomed to the rigor of being a staff member here on BuildCraftia.

Moderating and helping out the server is amazing and an honor, and of course it's a whole lot of fun with your fellow staff members and the rest of the community. Yes, being a staff member requires a certain level of maturity, patience and a variety of other factors. Don't forget that you are an example to the community and especially new players, even if you are not chosen this time around. If you think you fit the capabilities for being a staff member, I definitely encourage you to apply, there is no penalty for applying.

Applications will...