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    Hey, everyone! Now that Creative’s been on 1.13 we’ve concentrated on improving the Creative experience. Some of these include features that are already in other servers.

    We have a lot of to talk about and more information about these custom features is going to be added to our GitHub Wiki page.

    What’s new?
    1. New welcome messages
    2. New announcement system
    3. New “What To Build?” system
    4. Potion Effects Menu
    5. Compliment & Pickup commands
    6. Lore, Name and SignEdit commands
    7. Toggleable redstone lamps (shift+right click)
    8. NoteBlockTuner™
    9. Leather Armor Dyer
    10. Fortune Cookie command
    1. New welcome messages
    We thought to spice up the welcome messages. These are all themed around the ones on Discord at the moment, but we want to add new ones as well. You can go and suggest yours at the new Community Projects section on our Discord!


    2. New announcement system
    We have a new custom chat announcement system. These tips and tricks guide you with the server and its features. These are all color coded: Global (gold), Creative (cyan), Survival (green). The global messages are shown on all servers and the server specific ones on the corresponding servers.


    3. New "What to Build?" system
    We have added a new What to Build? feature! There are now 15 different categories for suggestions you can choose from. Each suggestion has three difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard.

    We're looking to get more suggestions to this system and you can suggest them on our new Community Projects section on our Discord. The #whattobuild channel has all the information you need!


    4. Potion Effects Menu
    The Potion Effects Menu was released on Realms a few months ago and is now added to Creative. This replaces the old potion commands. The menu allows you to set the effect power and duration. We also added an infinite option which will be reapplied even on death.

    You can open the menu with /potions or /potiongui. The admin commands listed on GitHub aren't available on Creative as of yet.

    You can find more information about the Potion Menu here:


    5. Compliment & Pickup Commands
    They are here - finally! Compliment and pickup are a fun and entertaining command from way back the day. This lets you to send either a compliment or a pickup line to a selected player on the server. This, now recoded version, has new compliment and pickups including the old ones.

    Compliment and pickup require 200 Reputation. Each command has a 5 minute cooldown per server. There are over 180 pickups and compliments.

    6. Lore, Name and EditSign
    We added commands to edit your items and signs. You can now easily give your items names and change their lore (the description text) with these commands.

    The recoded /editsign <line> (or /signedit) command lets you change the contents on your sign. The sign must be within 20 blocks distance and you need to have permission to build on the plot to use this.

    7. Toggleable Redstone Lamps
    You can now shift-right-click a redstone block with an empty hand to toggle it on and off! You need to have permission to build on the plot to use this. Remember that placing blocks adjacent to redstonelamps that are on will update them.

    8. NoteBlockTuner™
    Creating noteblock songs is easier than ever! By shift-right-clicking a noteblock with an empty hand opens a menu, which lets you change the pitch of the block. The first click previews the sound and the second one selects it.


    9. Leather Armor Dyer
    Ever struggled with leather armor dyeing? With this new command, you can easily color a leather armor piece on your hand or get a full set. The leather armor dyer uses hexadecimal color codes to give you the right colors.

    More information and commands here:


    10. Fortune Cookie command
    What's the best part of eating in a Chinese restaurant? The fortune cookie, of course! Originally created by TemporarilyAlone (our beloved retired server owner) and now recoded to work with the new updates. The /fortunecookie command gives you a real fortune cookie with a message. How exciting!

    What’s next?

    Fixing Creative Bugs
    At the moment, we’re working on getting the problems with P2 and FAWE. These include some lighting glitches and the plot themes not working at all. The plot themes are not likely not working because of an error caused by FAWE implementation in P2.

    P2 is the plot plugin called PlotSquared and FAWE is Fast Async WorldEdit plugin, which makes WorldEdit super fast.

    Community Projects
    We have opened a new channel section called “Community Projects” where we have channels for the different projects we want the community to participate.

    Right now we really want to get more suggestions for the "What To Build?" -system so please be sure to go and suggest yours! Check the pinned post for more info about the suggestions and the way they are handled.


    Wow, that's a really long thread but that's a lot of features we've been working on "behind the scenes".

    If you have any bugs to report, please do so by messaging a staff members or using GitHub ( or join our Discord (

    Have an awesome time on BuildCraftia!
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    Awesome. Thanks for the update Azza and Leo!
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