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    Hey everyone,

    Things have been quiet in BuildCraftia but fear no more! Updates have been worked on in the background and this are taking shape slowly but surely.

    We're aware that the Survival server is down at the moment and we're looking for a solution to get it up and running as soon as possible. Due to some bugs with the server billing, we're unfortunately going to rely on our backups to bring it back. We apologize for any inconveniences caused by this! All other server are running normally as of this moment.

    Then to the release notes with some recent updates.

    ➤ Creative
    Some new additions have been added to our Creative server.

    » LaunchPads
    Actually a proper plugin create by me, which is widely used in our Realm servers. We've added access to this awesome plugin on our Creative server and we can't wait to see what kind of features you can come up with them!

    Basically, launch pads are exactly what the name says. Set up with a pressure plate and a sign, you can create launch pads that launch players to a direction of your choosing. A great addition to parkour and adventure maps, for example!

    More information on how to use the plugin can be found here: https://songoda.com/marketplace/product/596

    » Plot Border Menu
    You can now change your plot's border slab. This setting can be accessed from the /plot settings menu where all different slab options are shown.


    » Plot Wall Menu
    With the new slabs, we thought adding the option to change the wall block from stone would help with plots. You can also access this menu from the /plot settings menu.


    ➤ New Survival
    Our new Survival server is starting to take shape. Lately we've been working on the shop system which is going to be different from the current set up. If you haven't seen our plans for the new server, please feel free to check them here. All feedback is welcome!

    » Town Area
    With the new server, we'll have an area (similar to the current setup) where players can set up shops. The town area will include new features, such as town hall, plot area for shops and more! The town area is where everything happens!

    » Shop Menu
    Our new Survival will have a revamped economy which will heavily rely on player interactivity. We wanted to make selling items easier but still fun. Each player can buy a plot of land in the town area where they can build and set up their own shops. Players have access to an NPC which works as their shop via a custom GUI system. This allows players to sell items in bulk with ease. No more ugly chests everywhere!

    Contrary to having an NPC for each player we could easily make the shops work with a command (I mean that's how they work in the background) but that in our opinion takes away from the fun of exploring the shop area. If you happen to find a store that sells dirt for cheaper than another shop - great! - that's your own little secret. Or maybe you could tell your friends.

    Early mockup of the shop system. Each item (gold, dirt, stone) represent a different item to buy/sell.

    ➤ New Survival Alpha
    In the upcoming days and weeks we're going to set up a test server for the new Survival. Players will have access to some of the new features and necessary materials to properly test these new features. We want to get as much feedback as possible before releasing the new server.

    The server will be accessible from the server menu once Penguin plugin is updated and the server is added. The server will be running at IP: alpha.buildcraftia.com and it can be used to test more than Survival features in the future.

    Hopefully most of the bugs can be patched in the process as well.

    Woah, this was supposed to be a relatively small update but a wall of text was created. I hope you all have a great time on BuildCraftia!

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