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    Hey everyone,

    I remembered we have a thing called Forums and decided to post our change log here since it's quite extensive. It literally cannot fit in one Discord message. It's really command-heavy thread, but they are all to use new features: enjoy!

    1. Party

    New features to Party: change the party chat colors!
    /party nameprefix <colorcode>
    /party messageprefix <colorcode>
    Where <colorcode> is any color code between 0-9 or a-f.


    2. Realms
    Added new commands & features to Realm owners.
    /realms kick <player> : Kicks player from the Realm
    /hug toggle : Enable/Disable hug
    /hug cooldown <time> : Set hug cooldown
    /slap toggle : Enable/Disable slap
    /slap cooldown <time> : Set slap cooldown
    /compliment toggle : Enable/Disable compliment command
    /compliment cooldown <time> : Set compliment command cooldown
    /pickup toggle : Enable/Disable pickup command
    /pick cooldown <time> : Set pickup command cooldown
    /falconpunch toggle : Enable/Disable Falcon Punch
    /falconpunch cooldown <time> : Set Falcon Punch cooldown
    Where <time> is the cooldown time in seconds (max 3600 seconds = one hour).

    3. Fun Commands
    Added back some of our fun commands! They now also work outside Creative.
    /m8b <question> : Ask magic 8-ball a question
    //cri : Sad

    4. BannerZ
    Coming soon(ish)™ to a server near you! The new banner menu (BannerZ) aims to make your banner experience better. It allows players to create new banners, edit existing ones and save created designs to their own banner library. The beta version of this plugin can be found on few Realms.



    5. Smaller updates

    • Increased Survival world border
    • Fixed Survival marketplace shops not being rentable
    • Added instrument set option to Note Block Editor
    • Added more penguins

    And as always, have an awesome time on BuildCraftia!
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