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by ItsAZZA at 2:51 PM
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BuildCraftia Server Update


  • Bunch of new maps have been added!
    • Winter
    • Autumn (fixed)
    • Castles (fixed)
    • Railcannon
    • Biomes
    • Town
  • Because of this, we are not accepting any more maps to the DTC, for now.
  • Bug fixes
    • Spawn killing/griefing is mostly disabled
    • Spectator chat
  • Please report any problems to our staff members
  • There has been some discussion about a map called 'Ships'. I created a Strawpoll to decide what we're going to do with it. Please go vote here:
  • The...
by MacMeBenny at 5:34 PM
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Hey guys,

I've been advised to create a announcement about Pet Packs and why we cannot retrieve old purchases. Keep in mind, when you make a purchase off most Minecraft servers - you are never guaranteed anything. Since most of them are not real businesses, they call their payments "donations" which in return they send them a few in-game benefits without promising them they will receive it. Since there is a bunch of talk on EULA etc. - it's hard to determine what is allowed and what is not allowed. However, Pet Packs and other cosmetic items are allowed by Mojang - F.Y.I. we do not enforce the EULA however we have to acknowledge it and try to follow it because Mojang are the creators of the game we have based our network around.

So, back to Pet Packs... we actually cannot check which pet packs each player had. This is due to BuyCraft and the 'reset' of BuyCraft when we changed to Arcadia. Therefore pet packs cannot be verified. Even if we were able to verify players' pet packs,...
by MacMeBenny at 6:29 PM
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Alrighty, so I wanted to write this little announcement to let everyone know that the only "people" authorized to use a scripted bot on the BuildCraftia network is currently Kenreao and AZZA470, if you do not know who Kenreao is - here's something he wanted to share with everyone:

by MacMeBenny at 9:22 PM
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Hey guys,

Me and Lux_Caelum have been brainstorming ideas recently and one that we've thought was to give Conquest it's true potential to succeed. You may of heard about Conquest before (was really popular on last BuildCraftia Forums) or maybe your too new to know about it. But here's a description of what we're thinking for it, give us your thoughts and let us know your feedback... we're probably going to need to do some fundraising - so the more support we get, the faster we can bring this to reality!

Conquest is the new face of the Minecraft MMORPG-PVP server experience and game play. This revolutionary new server harnesses the culmination of some of the world’s finest terraforming and architectural artwork to create a fantastic and stunning scenery that is nothing but breath-taking. Not only will the server be beautiful, but also adventurous and exciting. Players will choose between either the Nation of Holmstein or the opposing Nation of Fremor and align to one of four...
by PhoenixStudios at 2:46 PM
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*** This idea is still in development. ***

Welcome to the first ever International! The International is a proposed competition, whereby players create teams of 4 people, and compete against each other in the minigames on Creative!

The International will try to encourage team-work within eSports and enjoyment playing minecraft online. I know you wouldn't typically class this as an eSport, but I am :p

If you are interested, please comment down below!

As I don't want a billion teams with only 1 person in them, I was thinking that Premiums / MVPs can create teams, and then VIPs - Members can choose a team to join. You can assign Vice Captains, Team Leaders, Assistants: whatever you want to call it.

If the idea is followed through with, each team might even get a custom banner made....
by MattyC at 4:21 PM
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As many of you will know Mojang have recently release a post about Server Monetization (EULA) AKA earning money using their game.

Here is a bit of background information on the EULA
  • · The EULA affects all servers and players equally
  • · As of the 1st of August 2014 you are not allowed to charge for Minecraft features which affect gameplay.
  • · You may unlock things in-game with soft currency. (E.G. game currencies)
  • · You can sell cosmetic items for hard currency directly or allow players to fund an “account” specific to your server.(E.G. Coloured names, prefixes, special hats etc.)

So essentially Mojang are saying that no server network can earn money by using their service of “MineCraft”, as you tell this is going to lead to some big problems...
by Quicksteve at 6:06 PM
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Hey there,

some of you have recently experienced issues concerning your rank on the server. I have looked into these issues and found the cause behind it. With fixing it I unfortunately introduced another issue: The ranks you might have had previously might be gone. If so, please post a response on this thread in the following format:

Proof: [/NOTICE]

Proof may be a screenshot of the PayPal transaction or a screenshot of you chatting. If you do not have any proof, don't worry, we probably have you in the payment logs somewhere.

As always, keep it up and have fun playing!

by MacMeBenny at 8:31 PM
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Hey there! Welcome to the first BuildCraftia Forum Post/Welcome Post, what's a better way to kick-off the launch of the forums rather than posting a update video about the server? Check out this video for information about our upgrade that will be occurring soon and some other stuff about the future of BuildCraftia!

I must stress that these forums are in early beta and are still being developed, there will be bugs (we'll just have to squish them!).

Here are some pictures of the dedicated server we will be moving to in the next few days:

(Above) Processor Intel Xeon W3520

(Above) Hard disk SATA

(Above) RAM 32 GB...