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by FatherFan at 4:03 PM
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Hello everyone!
I'm going to cut right to the chase on this one because I'm simply too tired to be writing a full fledged thread for this.

Congratulations to our new Helpers: jeremy333, WordShultz, Masterbuild2k17!
On top of that, since Mr. Alkaline has a certain history of being a staff member, the BuildCraftia Staff Team is happy to announce the addition of Alkaline as our newest Moderator!

Either way, congratulations to these 4 guys. Be sure to have fun as staff members!

Thank you!
Have a nice day on BuildCraftia.
by FatherFan at 4:10 PM
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Hello everyone, I'll see if I can cut to the chase with this one.

After a tad bit of deliberating, the entire staff team have decided to open our doors to a few more members. This time around, we will be hoping to welcome 3 new staff members.
However, we are bringing back the old rank of Helper, a trial session of the staff life, until you feel ready and accustomed to the rigor of being a staff member here on BuildCraftia.

Moderating and helping out the server is amazing and an honor, and of course it's a whole lot of fun with your fellow staff members and the rest of the community. Yes, being a staff member requires a certain level of maturity, patience and a variety of other factors. Don't forget that you are an example to the community and especially new players, even if you are not chosen this time around. If you think you fit the capabilities for being a staff member, I definitely encourage you to apply, there is no penalty for applying.

Applications will...
by ItsAZZA at 1:44 PM
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The server has got more new players lately than in a long time and the need for staff members is growing. I want to quote Napkin’s post from the forums this morning:

“I remember when I was a gray player. Everyone does. Cause that's your default rank upon joining the server..... Something I notice when new players join is that they are more likely to respond to a staff member that welcomes them as opposed to another member. With big bold names separating the staff ranks from the other ranks, it’s easy for new players to determine who's who almost immediately. A staff member can easily be confided with, as they represent safety, trust, and maturity, while normal members (especially donators) cannot be trusted by these new players as easily because they do not have a set of principles to follow like a staff member does. I just feel as though a staff member who takes the proper steps of interacting with a new player will help them settle in easier and potentially stay for awhile...
by ItsAZZA at 7:48 AM
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Hey, I’m here to present yet another update for BuildCraftia. We’ve been working to improve your experience of gameplay on our Creative server. We have been making sure it is a smooth experience and added a few nifty features.

Content: 1. Plot Settings Menu, 2. Banner Menu, 3. Plot Themes, 4. Other Changes

1. Plot Settings
Some of you may remember the plot settings menu (/plot settings). It lets you change your plot’s settings such as the biome, music, gamemode and weather. We have spend some time re-coding the whole thing and adding some new features.

Settings main menu.

With the new menu, you’re able to change:
  • Gamemode
  • Biome
  • Time
  • Weather
  • Music
  • Plot variables (see below)

1.1. Plot Biomes
The plot biome menu is also accessible by using /p biome on your plot. The menu shows you the current biome, and you are able to change the biome by...
by ItsAZZA at 3:04 PM
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Hey everyone,

It’s finally time for another update, the first major one this year. We have so many new features coming up your way, so you’d better keep your eyes peeled.

Introducing plot themes

Screenshot of the savanna plot theme

We know it’s a hassle trying to get started with your plot: the terrain is a piece of a flat grass field. We came up with a solution: plot themes.

What are plot themes?
Plot themes are pre-made terrain that gets applied to your plot upon claiming. These are easy to access with the brand new /plot auto menu. At the moment, this is the only way to get a theme for your plot. We have plans to release a version of the plot theme menu, which lets you change the theme after claiming the plot.

by ItsAZZA at 5:42 AM
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Hey, everyone! Our Christmas SALE is finally here: Get 50% off your rank and pet purchases on the BuildCraftia Shop:

Just like last year, we are donating a part of our donations to a charity. The total donation will be 25% of our December sales made by the Christmas Day and we will be donating to the Doctors Without Borders organization.

The sale itself is running until December 26th.
by ItsAZZA at 11:42 AM
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After we added the new plot worlds yesterday - we are now successfully updated to 1.12.2 Java Version. Even though the Minecraft version doesn’t bring anything new but some bug fixes, we have worked on some updates for you.

REMEMBER! You have to log in with 1.12.2 - other game versions will not work!

Destroy The Core
There is a big update to Destroy The Core. We have revamped the kits from ground up and you can now upgrade them to get better weapons and armour et cetera.


The new kits are: Default, Tank, Builder, Valkyrie, Miner and Nurse. You have the default kit by default (duh!) and you have to unlock the others with Fish.

These kits have up-gradable perks which are per kit. Go check them out by yourself!


We have done some work with voting and we think this is now clearer for new players. When you run /vote it opens a book with...
by ItsAZZA at 4:12 PM
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The update we’ve been hiding and keeping as a secret from you is finally here! We’re excited to announce something for our server we’ve never seen on any other server network. So without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Introducing two new plot worlds for Creative: Nether and End

The worlds are quite different from the regular plot worlds - the mood of the dimension is really present. This is something you cannot achieve in the regular world with biomes.

The Nether spawn built by __Alkaline__.

The End spawn built by ItsAZZA.

The plots are themed by the dimensions and they are 101 by 101 blocks. You can use all the plot features you can in the regular plot worlds: merging, biomes… and so on.

These two worlds can be accessed via the /nether and /end commands. You can also select the world when claiming a plot (see below).


Easier plot...
by ItsAZZA at 1:53 PM
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We have received some more information about the Cubed! -convention. The convention will be held 27-29th of October and that’s when most of the events are happening. The venue is open until the November 3rd.

If you want to attend, or are even slightly thinking about attending, please be sure to claim your ticket! You can claim your 100% free ticket to this online convention here:

We hope to see many of you online!

You can find more information about the convention from our last post here:
by ItsAZZA at 12:01 PM
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Yes, BuildCraftia is attending the Cubed! 2017 event.

What is "Cubed!"?
"Cubed! is an in-game Minecraft convention for the community, showcasing booths, minigames and also livestreamed panels including Youtubers! The convention is completely free to attend, as around the world there are a number of gaming conventions which many cannot attend because of flight costs, hotel costs and much more which is why we set up Cubed! to allow Minecraft fans to join from the comfort of their very own homes."

We’ll inform you about our booth location on the venue when those are announced closer to the event date, which is also not announced yet. It’s scheduled to happen towards the end of the month of October.

The biggest difference this year is that we will have a huge booth in the venue this year! It’s going to be nearly five times bigger than the booth was last year. We hope we can get some more attention with...