BuildCraftia in CubedCon 2017

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    Yes, BuildCraftia is attending the Cubed! 2017 event.

    What is "Cubed!"?
    "Cubed! is an in-game Minecraft convention for the community, showcasing booths, minigames and also livestreamed panels including Youtubers! The convention is completely free to attend, as around the world there are a number of gaming conventions which many cannot attend because of flight costs, hotel costs and much more which is why we set up Cubed! to allow Minecraft fans to join from the comfort of their very own homes."

    We’ll inform you about our booth location on the venue when those are announced closer to the event date, which is also not announced yet. It’s scheduled to happen towards the end of the month of October.

    The biggest difference this year is that we will have a huge booth in the venue this year! It’s going to be nearly five times bigger than the booth was last year. We hope we can get some more attention with the bigger booth, and maybe gather some new players to our awesome network.

    But, as said… more info closer to the event, when more details are released!
  2. So I have never heard of this how exactly do we attend? Could you enlighten me on this? Is it a server?
  3. Alkaline

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    It is a server yes. You join it like any other.
  4. Cool I have looked at their site, any news on when tickets are for sale?
  5. ItsAZZA

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    Tickets are 100% free and you claim one closer to the event!
  6. Oki doki cool
  7. Ive claimed my ticket ;) cya guys there!

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