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Hey there!

Many of you have been wondering what our new, EULA compliant, ranks will look like. I have created a list of all the perks the ranks will get. If you already have an old rank, you will automatically get the new perks after the Reputation update.

The gadgets must be purchased with Fish, before the player can use them. The rank will only give a permission to use that specific gadget.

Some features are still being developed, so some things may not work at first.

Reminder: If you have already purchased a rank, you won't lose your current perks. If you have VIP, for example, you will receive these new perks up to VIP as well. However, you won't get any additional free months of BuildCraftia Realms.

New perks are being planned and created all the time, so there might be changes to these.

Price: FREE
  • Access to basic WorldEdit: Set, Replace, Undo & Redo + Mask &...
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and Happy Early Thanksgiving!

Minecraft 1.11 was released with bunch of great new features. We are looking to update our server as soon as possible, so players can play around with these new features. The Reputation update has also been a long time coming, and we’re looking to release it with this Minecraft update.

There has been a lot of work done behind the scenes, so you haven’t been seeing a lot. We’ve been busy planning, thinking and trying new things. But we’re finally giving you a date. We are looking to release Reputation, the new EULA compliant ranks and Minecraft 1.11 for our server this Saturday (26th of November)! This is an estimate, and changes may occur, but we are making our best and working as hard as we can to release everything that day. This certainly isn't going to be a small update!

You can read more about the Reputation here:...
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As promised, here’s our new Official Build Contest forum! We are most certainly making these contests happen more often.

Congratulations once more to all the winners of the last Build Contest! We’ve set warps to each of the winners, so you can easily check them out. For these, please use: /warp halloween1, /warp halloween2 and /warp halloween3.

It’s time to have another Build Contest! This time, the theme is going to be “Apocalypse”. Thanks to Tntdestroyd for the idea for this one! It is up to your imagination how to interpret that theme, but you must explain why your build follows the given theme.

You have plenty of time to finish this build this time around. All builds must be submitted before Sunday 20th of November 9PM GMT. That’s well over two weeks from now.

What can I win?
Only one winner will be picked (group or individual). The winner(s) will receive:
  • 1 Pet Pack of choice (not Appreciation Pack)
  • Halloween Pet Pack...
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Halloween is getting closer and closer. We decided to make something fun for Halloween 2016.

Something we haven’t done in a while is a Building Competition. Since Halloween is almost here, we’re going to do a Halloween themed building competition with awesome prizes for top three builders. More information, rules and prizes can be found here:

The idea is to make Building Competitions way more regular now. We yet haven’t decided how often these will be held, but you’ll find out by following the Forums and our social media.

Of course special events are nothing without a good old sale. Not only have we all pet packs on sale (15% OFF), we’re going to have a 25% off ranks Halloween sale!

Thanks for reading and have a spooky Halloween on BuildCraftia!

P.S. Congratulations to our new Administrator, DustyAshton! <3
by ItsAZZA at 12:45 PM
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As you might’ve noticed, Minecraft 1.11 is around the corner. Bunch of new features and numerous bug fixes, even new mobs. They are calling it The Exploration Update, which honestly sounds extremely exciting. I already tested out the new snapshot which came out today.

There’s a few things we want to discuss about this update with you, the community. So please be open minded, and leave your own opinions in the comments; we want to hear what you think!

New Features & Updates

We’re going to push all the main updates on minigames (and most likely Reputation too) to the new version of Minecraft (1.11).

Updating now would mean double the work for us, so updating a bit later would make more sense. It gives us time to prepare all the features and updates, probably also do some beta testing with a closed group. All this to make your experience in BuildCraftia better.

Both Leo and I are extremely busy in real life and Minecraft 1.11 sounds more of a...
by ItsAZZA at 3:59 PM
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We have finally updated our website at to this date! It's easier to browse and way way more awesome that it was before. Thanks to @Olocool17 for the awesome new renders! Well, nothing more to write about it, really... Let the page speak for itself!
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Happy 5th Anniversary BuildCraftia Network!

This means BuildCraftia Network has been running for 5 years now. That’s a really long time for a Minecraft Server. We’ve certainly been through a lot; both good and not so good. We can all remember the ups and downs in our lives, but that can’t stop us. That’s why we are pushing forward! And now I have to put a movie by Casey Neistat in here.

I’ve had the great opportunity to be part of this server for around three years now. Seeing how the community has evolved and how the server has gone forward, even when considering all the downhills we’ve had in the past. I love working on the server, and you players are the motivation to keep on going with the development. I think Quicksteve can share the same feelings as well.

We want to thank all of our players! This all would not have happened without you! We want to thank each and everyone of you for participating in BuildCraftia’s history so far. All the...
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Yes, we are getting closer and closer to the Reputation and EULA update. We decided to give you a chance to get the ranks before we change them to comply with the Mojang EULA. This sale is going until a further notice. We'll make an announcement when it's about to end, so don't worry!
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Hello, BuildCraftians! Some of you long time players might remember Chaos from the old times of BuildCraftia. Pure hardcore pvp survival experience: Chaos has no claiming, no homes, no kits… Raiding builds, traps and pvp are all allowed on this hardcore server; whatever it takes to survive. Using illegal client modifications or breaking any other Network Rules isn't allowed, of course.

Chaos server’s world was generated using the amplified terrain option. The map itself isn’t that huge, either. Going around isn’t as easy as it is in a regular Minecraft world. Falling off is one of most dangerous things that can happen. As you have no commands to go back, losing your stuff is almost guaranteed. The environment, players and luck are all against you.

Are you ready to take on this hostile environment? If you are screaming “YES”, be sure to join today, with and start your epic journey today! See how long you can survive.

If you have any questions, please feel...
by PhoenixStudios at 6:27 PM
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Yes, ladies & gentlemen, it is here! After 7 months of hard work, Mega Parkour is finished!

What is Mega Parkour? Mega Parkour is a gauntlet-type server, where your aim is to overcome each obstacle in your way. Each obstacle takes the form of a level you must complete. In total, there are 22 levels! These 22 levels are split into 2 'stages': 11 in each stage. Although each level varies in length, they have the potential to be very long. The server should provide at least 1-2 hours of gameplay: for most people, it will be even more.

The building phase of Mega Parkour has only just been finished, & as such it will be released to the public as soon as possible. Currently, the course is going through testing. Additionally, Leo is working on a checkpoint plugin that will let users save their progress at designated points throughout the course.

The name...