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    Hey, it's been a long while since we've updated the server here on the Forums.
    If you want to stay updated on BuildCraftia News, please join our discord at

    Introducing NoteBlockTuner™
    NoteBlockTuner™ is a handy tool for changing noteblock notes. You simply shift right click a noteblock and a tuning menu is opened. Here you can select the note you want to apply to the noteblock. First click selects the sound and plays it for you and the second one applies it. You can get NoteBlockTuner™ with a single vote for 1 hour or permanently with 50 Reputation. This feature works only on Survival at the moment.


    Introducing Potion Menu & Command
    This is probably one of the most extensive feature yet on Polarbear plugin, totaling with almost 500 lines of code. Potion menu gives you an easy access to almost all the Minecraft potion effects and it lets you control the effects (duration and power). This also adds the possibility for infinite potion effects which are reapplied on occasions that may have reset the effect before.

    • /potions : Opens the potion menu
    • /effect give <player> <effect> [duration = 1] [power = 1] : Give player a potion effect (with duration and power)
    • /effect remove <player> <effect> : Remove a potion effect from player
    • /effect clear <player> : Clears all effects player has
    • /cancel : Removes all potion effects player has applied themselves


    Introducing Leather Armor Dyer
    How annoying it can be to dye leather armor! But not anymore, because we've added a custom leather armor dyer command. While holding a piece of leather armor, you can do /dye <color> to dye the armor to a certain color. The command uses hexadecimal values (e.g. #ffeeff). You might want to use something like Adobe Color Wheel for picking colors: On Realms, you can also run /dye, which will open a menu where you can select a pre-selected color and the plugin will give you a full set of armor.


    You can check rest of the updates on our Discord.
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