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by ItsAZZA at 5:44 AM
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there's a new feature on the Survival server! Mobs have a slight chance of dropping their head when you kill them. You can also get Alex and Steve's heads from dungeon loot chests and fish heads by fishing. I have listed the chances below. These are based on the farm-ability of the said mob.

Happy hunting!

Alex's Head (from dungeon lootchests)
49.94% Chance

2% Base Chance
+2% Per Looting Level

0.05% Base Chance
+0.01% Per Looting Level

Elder Guardian
30% Base Chance
+5% Per Looting Level

5% Base Chance
+2.5% Per Looting Level

Iron Golem
2% Base Chance
+1% Per Looting Level

0.2% Base Chance
+0.1% Per Looting Level

Polar Bear
10% Base Chance
+5% Per Looting Level

Sheep (All 16)
1.75% Base Chance
+0.25% Per Looting Level

2% Base Chance
+1% Per Looting Level

0.5% Base Chance
+0.5% Per Looting Level

Fish (from fishing)...
by ItsAZZA at 3:41 PM
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Hey there,

We have updated the server to 1.12 and you are no longer able to join with older clients. Please make sure you are using the latest release (MC-1.12) to keep playing on BuildCraftia!

So many new things to try and experience in 1.12; new colorful blocks, new mobs and much much more. We are planning to use these new features more thoroughly sooner or later.

Since the game version is so new, there will be bugs and we need your help finding these bugs. If something is not working at all or it is acting different than before, please let us know! You can submit a bug report on the appropriate forum under “Bugs & Suggestions”.

We aware that the tab is not as it used to be before. There were some problems we could not fix as of yet, and we are investigating the problem.
by ItsAZZA at 3:27 PM
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Straight to the point, shall we?

Please all welcome our newest Moderators: __Alkaline__ and ItsLewisC. Congratulations! Thanks to all other applicants as well, we appreciate your effort.

We have also promoted two Moderators to Admin. Please congratulate FatherFan and MissRemmi for their milestone, as well!

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us.
by ItsAZZA at 4:23 AM
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Hey, the weekend arrived really quickly.

We have decided to open the Moderator Applications for the summer of 2017. This time, we will be electing two new Moderators to strengthen our staff team.

Moderating the server is an honour, but at the end it should be enjoyable for both the staff member and the player. Being a staff members requires patience, dedication and enthusiasm. If you feel like you are the person we are looking for, you should most definitely apply for the position.

You can find the Summer 2017 Moderator Application forum here:

Please post your applications on the sub-forum by creating an application thread. I have already prepared an application format, and be warned, it is slightly modified from past formats.

Moderator applications will close on Sunday, the 11th at 7PM BST. The new elected staff Members will get announced either on Sunday or Monday.

Good luck, and may the odds be...
by ItsAZZA at 1:20 PM
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Hey everybody,

The 1.12 update for Minecraft has been released today! We are all eager to test out the new features and possibilities. All these new blocks, for example, give us builders a lot of room for creativity. Cannot wait to get to test these ones out!

We are working as hard as we can to update the server as soon as possible. Our current ETA is around 10 days from today, so around next weekend. There might be changes to this, but we’ll inform you about them. Both Leo and I are extremely busy in real life, but we'll do the best we can.

Usually with these new updates, there’s some serious problems and the 1.XX.1 is released shortly after the main release. We are hoping they’ll kill some bugs while we’re still in 1.11.2

What’s your favourite feature of this new update? Please tell us in the comments. Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Have an awesome week in BuildCraftia! :penguin:

P.S. If you didn't catch the news, staff applications are...
by ItsAZZA at 3:50 PM
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Summer's here, and there is going to be an increased amount of players on the server. We are going to need more staff members to help us moderate. This is just a quick heads up that we are opening the staff applications soon! If you have been thinking about applying, now it's time to prepare!

If you have any questions about staff applications, please forward them to myself.
by ItsAZZA at 4:53 PM
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Hey, here’s an update regarding the future of BuildCraftia. We had a lengthy conversation about the server’s future yesterday and we want to share some of the thoughts with you.

The player count has been extremely low for a while now, mostly caused by the busy school year and some other odd events. We have our hopes up that the summer is going to boost our player count significantly when school’s out. We have plans to try get more players joining the server, this includes heavy advertising in social media and some other, more secretive plans and actions.

Lately, we have also discussed the future of the minigames. The players who play minigames somewhat regularly is minimal compared to Creative and Survival, for example. At the moment, we do not see fit to focus our time to something that rarely gets used. The current minigames are functional and playable, even Paintball, which we have been beta testing. When we get the player base, and the interest for minigames, we can start...
by ItsAZZA at 5:09 AM
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We have been working on the banner menu for some more, and we decided to add some more banners. There is a new “Flags” section with a few flags in.

Now we need your help getting our banner menu filled! More info can be found on thread provided below.

You can suggest your banners here:

Please follow the banner suggesting format provided. Thanks for reading and happy suggesting! :penguin:
by ItsAZZA at 12:37 PM
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Introducing the Banner Menu: a tool for getting great banners without the hassle of crafting. We want to provide you, the community, the best tools possible!


You can access this magnificent menu by running the /banners command on the Creative server. All players have access to this.

We only have the alphabet in the menu, and this is just the start of what we have planned for the Banner Menu, but we also need your help. We’ll be creating a thread, where you can suggest your banners to be added to the banner menu. These will be neatly organized into sections, just like the /heads menu.

If you ideas, suggestions, please forward them to us!

Thanks for reading, and have fun time creating in BuildCraftia! :penguin:
by ItsAZZA at 4:18 AM
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There are a lot of awesome builds on the server, and we want to show them off to the world! The most popular place to post your builds is PlanetMinecraft, of course.

Our penguin servants have received some information that there is a new feature on PlanetMinecraft which lets you tag the server you have the build on. You can also tell viewers how to access your build. This will make it easier for us to spot your builds, and easier for viewers to come check your build on our server. Maybe some of them are willing to give you some help building!


We want to encourage you to post your builds on PlanetMinecraft for us to see! We will be sharing the best builds in our social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Your PMC submission will be linked as well!

Here’s how to add BuildCraftia as the...