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    Hey everyone,

    More work has been done on the server. Please see these recent changes!

    The Hub Server
    Finally, it's here! This magnificent piece of art was constructed by the amazing Alkaline. This is now the default server where new players get teleported when they join using the play.buildcraftia.com or bcsn.us domains. If you want to access Creative directly, you can do so at c.buildcraftia.com domain.


    Leather Armor Editor
    This feature is probably something you have used before but now it's even better! Instead of fiddling with color codes, you can now create a set of custom color leather armor. But no worries, there's still 17 pre-made sets available for your use.


    • /dye set <(hex) | (red) (green) (blue)> : Set color of item
    • /dye give <(hex) | (red) (green) (blue)> : Give colored item
    • /dye edit : Open editor with the color of held item
    • /dye editor [<(hex) | (red) (green) (blue)>] : Open editor (with set color)
    • /dye menu : Open the main menu
    Where hex can be any hex color (e.g. /dye give ffc300) and where red, green and blue correspond to a value between 0 and 255 (e.g. /dye give 0 255 0).

    Preview shows the current red, green and blue values.
    Each color value can be edited with the buttons.
    Once you've reached your desired color, you can get the armor piece you wanted or get the whole set instead.
    Pre-made colors are available in the main menu. You can also edit these to get the perfect color!
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