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    Hey everyone,

    Last time I told you about BannerZ and I'm here to announce it's been released to our Creative server! The plot settings menu also got re-coded and has more features than before.

    BannerZ is the new era of banners. Looms made creating banners easy but BannerZ aims to make it even better! With BannerZ you can create, edit and save banners.
    /bannerz : Open BannerZ main menu
    /bannerz create : Create a new banner
    /bannerz edit : Edit a banner in your hand
    /bannerz mybanners : Show your personal banner library
    /bannerz save : Save the banner in your hand to your library
    /bannerz alphabet : Open alphabet & number banner creator

    ► Editor / Creator Menu
    You can edit any banner that you hold in the editor view. You can also shift-right-click any banner in the world to open the editor for that banner (requires build permissions).

    In this menu you can:

    • Add new patterns (select base color and pattern)
      • Banners in Minecraft support up to 16 different patterns while the default survival pattern limit is set to 6 patterns
    • Edit banner base color
    • Edit any pattern (left-click)
    • Move any pattern up in the pattern array (right-click)
    • Remove any pattern (shift-click)
    • Save created/edited banner to your personal library
    • Get created banner as item
    • Get command block with the banner /give command (only available in Realms)
    Same features and functions are used when creating a new banner. You start with a white banner base and no patterns. Change the banner base to whichever you wish and start adding patterns and creating your masterpiece!

    When editing a banner that's placed in the world an extra button will appear and lets you save any changes made to it.


    ► Personal Banner Library
    Made or found a cool new banner you want to use later? Amazing. With BannerZ you can save any banner to your personal library and access them later. You can also edit and remove any banners that are in your library.


    ► Alphabet & Number Banner Creator
    With BannerZ you can create alphabet and number banners easily. Select the font and background color and you're done!


    ► Survival Mode
    BannerZ has a built in Survival mode which when enabled requires the player to have the items to craft the banner. BannerZ will be added to our Survival server at later stage as well. Yay, easier banner crafting!

    ► Coming soon(ish)™
    - Pre-made banner library which holds selected banners useful for everyday gameplay. These banners include categories such as flags, animals and interior design.
    - Check other player's designs by checking their banner library (if enabled by player)
    - Rename your saved banners

    BannerZ is still in development and new features are added as development continues. Please let me know if you find any bugs or if you definitely want your feature added! :cool:


    Plot Settings
    Total redesign of the menu. Added new features such as a button for plot spawn and soon to be added plot permissions where you can edit your plot's permissions. You can add, trust and remove players on your plot. It will also allow you to deny and kick players that are currently in your plot.

    Let me know what plot settings you'd like to see added to the new menu!


    And as always, have an awesome time on BuildCraftia! :D
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