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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JeremyC, Aug 16, 2015.

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    Thank you for your support.
    I understand, what happened with your comic?
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    Oh. The big one is taking a lot longer than I expected to create I was just making an analogy
  4. LordN826

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    Rip big comic coming out in August
  5. NapkinDabber

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    It was supposed to crash land in July and then I found out I was being taken on vacation last second
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    Ooo where did you go for Vacation?
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  7. JeremyC

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    the problem is that we dont see you on the server personally enough. Everyone has a life. Of course nobody expects you to be on 24/7. But it's just that you only come on the actuall server itself once a week. Leo is really good at developing but also balancing his time on the actual server. Another thing is that you can't keep setting dates for the api to come out, only for the date not to be true. I know you don't try to do this but you have to over estimate the date, not underestimate it. If you set these public deadlines, then people expect you to get them done. And people are dissapointed if the deadlines aren't seen to come through. Mineplex is doing the same thing with clans. They've promised it ever since the release of their new rank, and said it would be out by 2015. Then they said it would be out by june. Then they said it would be out by july. It never has been completed and mineplex is losing players to other large server networks now because they fucked up their deadlines. So I know it isn't intended, and I know people are working their asses off to get this done, but you can't keep missing the deadlines, and act like it's not a problem.
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  8. LordN826

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    @JeremyC Please read this over again and think about what you said
  9. Miner

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    Leo is afk 70% of the time when he's on the server lmao
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    Leo is either an extremely active pengu or afk. There is no in between
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  11. MattyC

    MattyC What is life Retired Staff

    Im just going to state my opinion on all of this as a person who has been sitting on the side lines for a few months seeing both sides of the arguments whilst trying to not upset anyone.

    As of this point I'm talking as a retired staff member, I asked Zach and Leo to remove my rank in game seeing I'm never there and to just remain to help them with what ever they need rather than a physical staff member. I decided todo this as it was selfish of me to hold the position whilst doing very little and if I don't have time to play now I wont when I start back to school.

    So, onto the good stuff.

    1. (Staff) I do agree that the server is understaffed. Without going into names some staff are inactive, I would also like to point out that phoenix has been on Holiday twice over the summer and has notified the rest of the staff on both occasions of this.

    It is upsetting to see that all the work AZZA & I put in from the Arcadia days gone to shit with this lack of structure, Im not blaming anyone for this but partly myself for our sudden departures along with a lot of other staff. Im not saying we were a gift of God to the staff, we weren’t, we were rude at times and bossy but look at what the system has turned into now. This is defiantly an area for improvement on all aspects in terms of the amount of staff, their attitude, the system/structure and also the attitude of the community towards staff.

    It is unfair of me to comment on anyone in particular as I consider all of the staff I have gotten to know over the years as friends and some very close and some not who hate my guts and I apologise for that but its not fair.

    2. (API) There is a lot of speculation around the API, It is being worked on a daily basis by both Zach and Leo. Without being bias we all need to take a step back and look at the big picture, whilst Zach is working on it, he is learning as he goes where as Leo knows what he is doing but he is doing it in his own spare time on top of having a family and full time job which we cannot ask anything more of him.

    The problem with simply getting another Developer as all of you wish is that not many people who understand the system we have will work for free, and its very hard to bring someone in and explain to them our goals that we have thought out over months of work. (We as in a Network/employer in this instance)

    At this point although its not my place to say, the API is on its way we just need to wait, there is no point in releasing a shit job and pissing a lot of people off it should be done right the first time to please everyone rather than annoy.

    I could go on all day and write a book about all the problem there are but I think I've covered most of my thoughts in this post without being bias to the best of my abilities.
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  12. Olocool17

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    If the staff actually informed the community better, this would have never happened :p
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  13. OptimusZambie

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    Jess needs to become a owner, along with Fan, they are active as fuck
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  14. Dusty

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    Just because someone is active doesn't mean they should be owner.... plus we have 4 owners as it is. If we added two more there would be the same amount of owners as admins and mods combined.
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  15. JeremyC

    JeremyC Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    but currently only 1 owner is active as matty is no longer owner and azza is in the army. Leo is the MOST active. But, that being said, a new owner would completly ruin buildcraftia. We don't need like 4 owners
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  17. NapkinDabber

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    If you didn't get the point of what Zach said, he said he is working behind the scenes. He is very active doing that. Next time please read what everyone said
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    Why you screamin chill fam
  20. JeremyC

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    I do read what everyone says :p
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