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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JeremyC, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. NapkinDabber

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  2. FatherFan

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    I agree, yva.
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  3. KnownUnown

    KnownUnown Member

    I mean, honestly, why did you even decide to use the *koff* leaked *koff* mineplex APIs in the first place? All around bad idea. Worse idea now. It probably took you more effort to strip all the db and backend integration and get a half assed "working" API than it would take you to write your own brand new API - with actually working afk kick! And bungee server switching! I mean seriously, why would you even want to use Mineplex's so dang messy..and Allman brackets...and weird variable name formatting..and hard-coded crap... Anyway, beyond the point I suppose it's already been done, so no point in berating you devs about it...
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  4. Miner

    Miner Bye y'all Penguin Retired Staff

    it was quicker to implement the broken API while Leo worked on the new one than to force everyone to wait a year for a working one.
  5. AffectedArc07

    AffectedArc07 Well-Known Member

    I just wanna say this, parkour and paintball were removed because they clearly ripped off another server. Thats what i was told
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  6. Chipjelly

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  7. HazlerTheDazzler

    HazlerTheDazzler Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    ^reply is in the quote thingy btw.

    But chip is life. She is on when you dont see her in the morning gmt because she lives on the other side of the world. Chip is active but You dont see her because of timezone.
  8. Chipjelly

    Chipjelly Active Member Retired Staff

    Thanks Harry
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  9. DanialAnton

    DanialAnton Member

    oh no drama in bc I'm so surprised
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  10. JeremyC

    JeremyC Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    as I said, chip and dusty are active.... Just both are having other stuff that they are having to deal with....
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  11. Kaiziieee

    Kaiziieee Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    I'm going to stay neutral throughout this controversy, although what Jeremy said is true, I'm not taking sides. Let's not argue over this statement, and see what we can do together, as a community, to further benefit the server.
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  12. Olocool17

    Olocool17 Well-Known Member

    we're not even argueing
    let us debate damnit
  13. JeremyC

    JeremyC Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    debates are fun
  14. NapkinDabber

    NapkinDabber Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    We're not even really debating. It's more like a casual-critical discussion over a fresh pot of Kona Coffee.
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  15. Kashers

    Kashers Social Tiger Penguin Retired Staff

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  16. HestiaMinecraft

    HestiaMinecraft Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    srsly Kash did you make that
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  17. JeremyC

    JeremyC Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    Good one
  18. MacMeBenny

    MacMeBenny Founder Retired Staff

    I only read a little bit of this so far, but I never went on a two week vacation. I would love to see where this is quoted. I went on a 1 1/2-2 day vacation. I left on this Friday and got back today. I will continue reading and then modify this comment.

    Edit: I also read that I lie about API and when that is coming out. That is not something I can work on directly, that is something that Leo has told me that we will try to get the API out this week or whatever and then it does not come out simply because it does not come out and we didn't get it finished.

    In addition, to the "2 week" comment - I am very offended that you would write something like that based on not factual information. Please show me where I have said that. In addition, I do my best to be active and on the server. A lot of the time I'm doing stuff behind the scenes where I'm not on the server 24/7 - I constantly talk with Leo everyday when we are both on and we BOTH are working hard to get stuff done.

    I'm sorry if I have a life outside of Minecraft as well, I didn't know I'm supposed to dedicate my entire life to this server. Please go ahead and ask me any questions you want.

    Okay, I also just read yva saying that I don't ask Leo if he needs help or anything. I am constantly working with Leo and as Leo can probably tell you - I ask him if he ever needs help on anything or is there anything I can do to get this API out sooner. Tonight, I was working on adding Gadgets to the file we have for it.
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  19. LordN826

    LordN826 Well-Known Member

    It's good we have you working behind the scenes with Leo. I do see you every so often even though I'm not always on. No you do not have to dedicate your life to this server. To be completely honest, you are putting in more dedication than we know about behind the scenes. Nice job Mac. I have nothingn against what you said

    Edit: Everyone is complaining about how Mac isn't on enough but have you ever thought about this? On big server you almost never see the Owner on unless they are in /v. I've never once been on a Huge server such as Hive(If that is advertising I can edit that quickly) and never once seen the owner on. But do you know who I see on? The moderators and Admins because that is their job. Now I rest my case
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  20. NapkinDabber

    NapkinDabber Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    I don't think it's a problem that the API isn't ever guaranteed to come out on a specified date. Its more or less because it's been hyped so severely since a bop and a half ago, that people are getting a little anxious about its arrival time... Much like my comic...
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