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by Jessie at 12:10 PM
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So over the last couple days that moderator applications have been closed we've been carefully reading each and every single one, now I don't want to bore you all but this Winter they're looking extremely promising!
We, the staff team have read over them but we don't just want to throw your leaders at you, we want you to decide who you want to look after you and BuildCraftia.
If you're worried about not getting any votes, or that because there's a vote for people to use you're going to be ignored and we won't look at yours because you are a celebrity on the server don't worry. This vote is a guide so we know who you want, someone who got 1 vote could get mod if their application was really good. (all the apps were amazing)
Please don't worry about it!

You can vote on this link, make sure to use your real IGN, any fake posts will be deleted and ignored. If you vote for yourself it'll decrease your chances of becoming mod!...
by ItsAZZA at 8:30 AM
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Happy New Year To BuildCraftia!

It's been a wonderful year in BuildCraftia and that's all thanks to the dedicated community of players. Thank you for playing in BuildCraftia in 2015! We sure hope you continue to do so in 2016 as well. Hugs to all of you from us!

It has been an eventful year of 2015 in BuildCraftia. A lot has happened, both good and not so good. The ups and downs are the ground essentials for life. Without them there would not be something called life. The year 2015 included accusations, wins, losses, mistakes and right choices…

A lot of good friends were made but also many of our beloved ones have left their goodbyes to the server. I want to remember them with warmth and wish them an awesome New Year of 2016. Keep up with your goals in life and never let go of our dreams! Take your school seriously because it will define the rest of your life.

In the summer of 2015 I left to the Finnish Defence Forces to go through my...
by Jessie at 1:58 PM
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Hey there everyone it's me Jessiieee again and today there's a lot to tell you so please be patient! Throughout the past month or so staff hasn't been at it's greatest points, some staff have barely come on at all and thats the first thing that I am going to start on. Two mods who have played a huge part in the raising of BuildCraftia have to be let go. We honestly do appreciate everything they have done for the server and they will always be remembered for how they have acted and who they are. Our past owner and now past mod TemporarilyAlone has been demoted back to penguin. We will miss him as he always brought happiness and laughter to us all. As well as Kenreao who has been with us forever, through the rough patches of Arca-- The server that shall not be named. He is and was a great guy who everyone at least at one point was convinced he was a robot.
Both of these staff members have...
by ItsAZZA at 5:52 PM
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There has been numerous requests to fix paintball. Now we have had time to fix some things as well as add some awesome new features! First of all, big big thanks to our awesome developer, Quicksteve for making these updates!

New update holds following new features:
  • Weapon ammo
    • Specific for each gun
    • When you die, your ammo resets
    • When you kill someone, you get more ammo
    • Kill-streaks earn you more ammo (e.g. 15, 25, 35 etc.)
    • If all players run out of ammo, the game gives everyone some of it
  • Team lives
    • New system detects the amount of players and changes the team lives accordingly
  • Kit selector
    • Due to several requests, we have added a kit selector in-game (pssst... this works on all mini-games)
  • Paint
    • When you shoot with your paintball gun, it actually paints the surroundings
  • Bugs
    • Fixed a lot of bugs
by ItsAZZA at 7:00 AM
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Created by the BuildCraftia Development Team, endorsed by the BuildCraftia Staff Team on Nov 13th, 2015. Any changes made to the rules after date were approved by the Development Team.

✪ General Information
These rules has been made by the BuildCraftia Administration Team and BuildCraftia staff has approved them to use.

All rules that are listed on this thread are now in effect as of November 13th, 2015 and apply to everyone playing in the BuildCraftia Server Network. The rules apply in the BuildCraftia Minecraft servers, as well as BuildCraftia Forums and other internet services provided by the BuildCraftia Administration Team (including, but not limited to,

Playing on BuildCraftia means that you have read these rules and you have...
by Quicksteve at 4:42 PM
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Hello people of BuildCraftia,

the past few months have been rough. @MattyC had to go because of time issues, @AZZA is in the army (i cri, but we should be honored: His small amount of free time he dedicates to our server) and @MacMeBenny has to deal with school and therefore can't be as active. I've also had a greater online time before and while I try to be online as much as possible, develop new plugins, maintain the server and manage the community I simply have limits to what I can do without impacting my personal life too much. However, you guys have been great and patient and supported us wherever you could. Thank you <3

In this time a member of our community has shown especially great dedication, has taken on extra projects to help our server beyond moderating on the server seemingly 24/7 and for this I am eternally grateful. Without her, the past few months would have probably lead to a server collapse but thankfully she was...
by Jessie at 4:48 PM
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It hasn't been long since the applications where closed, but honestly we received so many this time that it took a while to read all of them! The people who are listed below will start work immediately!

I know you're all going to scroll straight to the people who got mod so you know first, but before I announce them we'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who made an application and everyone who nominated their choice.
You've really helped BuildCraftia with the choice that might seem to you like a small impact, but who you have chosen will have a huge impact on BuildCraftia. Their new role as staff will shape the community, not to spoil but one of our new mods isn't quite "new" xD

Everyone who applied got at least 1 legitimate vote, the gaps between votes for different people were so tight! Every single person who applied deserved mod, I read through every mod application and you are all amazing people, giving up time to come online and caring about the...
by Jessie at 6:10 PM
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Hey there, again!
The time has finally come for new staff, the new generation to slide into the staff ranks. People have been writing up there applications for the past week, spending minutes or even hours on each one, we are thankful for all the people who have made their pitch.
I am excited to announce that the time for applying is over and it is time to cast your vote!

When voting keep these thoughts in mind:
  • Choose people you think would suit the job, this is not a popularity contest.
  • When picking people, like above maybe put your personal feelings aside and choose who you really believe will guide the players of BuildCraftia in a positive direction.
  • Every vote counts and you only get one vote per person, joke votes with names that are not BC players will not be counted.
This is a very exciting time, and I already know that you will be awaiting the results anxiously, as will I! The voting for your favourite...
by Jessie at 6:57 AM
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Hello there everyone, I hope you've had a wonderful week and you are enjoying your weekend! It has been brought to our attention that things called "Roasting sessions" have started to happen on The BuildCraftia Network. This is strictly banned due to the rules of BuildCraftia.

By having these "sessions" people's feelings can get hurt which is what has happened, a member of the community and a member of the staff team had a "roasting session" in which one walked away in sadness. This is not the type of fun and games that should be played on the server, things like this can always go wrong and that's exactly what happened.

Staff should be representives of the server and show the community what should be done and what shouldn't. We should be able to help and guide the community when they are lost and when they do not know what to do. We should be a positive team that always have high hopes for the people of the...
by PhoenixStudios at 4:52 PM
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It's all fun making minigames, medieval builds, tutorial builds, towns etc. But we have a very talented community of builders here on BuildCraftia. Some of the builds you see here blow your mind, especially the huge office complexes and mega-cities.

To cut a long story short, I had an idea to establish a build team (or 'build hub' as I like to call it (because it sounds cooler :p (and I like lots of brackets xP ))) called EQUINOX, comprised of ONLY BuildCraftia members. My idea originally was that this would be a group of the server's top minigame designers, making large-scale games together. While I myself have a particular interest in minigames, Equinox could also have different 'departments' for different builds, i.e. a group of builders that make minigames; a group that does scenic builds, and so on. Each of these groups would have a leader, where we all discuss the type of build that we should make next. This is...