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by ItsAZZA at 2:54 PM
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Yesterday, we told about the big secret... Well, it's going to get revealed, if you already didn't knew about it.

BuildCraftia has partnered with the YouTuber TangoTek ( We have promised to maintain and host his Patreon server for his patreons. His old server was having lots of performance issues, and we offered a solution.

The player count for BuildCraftia is back to the normal state, and the players from Tango's Patreon server are no longer added to the overall number.

Since this change, some of you might have connection issues to BuildCraftia server, but that is only temporary. This is caused by DNS servers not updating. If you are not able to connect, please connect using:

If you have any questions, please ask down below in the comments. Leo and I will be answering to them.
by ItsAZZA at 3:38 PM
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Hey there, like some of you have noticed, we have a lot of players online even though it doesn't seem like we do... This is something to do with our new secret project. The players are real, but they are somewhere else. More will be revealed later in the future. And no, this is not a server merge in any way!

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. As this is a big secret still, we are not able to answer to all of them!
by ItsAZZA at 5:18 AM
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Hey guys!

We’ve done some updates in the Survival Server. I thought you’d like to know about them, so here you go!

New and better death messages
At last, we have new death messages! There’s now messages for the new mobs and much much more! I will recreate the survival death message suggestion thread. You can suggest new death messages here.

Player Market
Lately, the player market was reset. Now we have enabled a new feature! You can now resell your shop (either greater price or. See the market info board for more info!

Some minor changes:
  • Added the Penguin join message
  • Added the new animated TAB (from Creative)
  • Updated the automated messages to match up with Creative
  • Updated the /ranks command
  • Updated the player listing command
  • Updated the rules command
  • Fixed the /server command
  • Added YouTube video name solver
  • Added more penguins...
by ItsAZZA at 6:52 PM
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Hey there,
we've done something awesome additions in the creative server.

First of all, you can now see yourself disguised! Hence, if you are disguised as something (like a pig for example), you can now see it by yourself! Great, and highly requested feature!


The second, and the more awesome feature...

Custom player heads menu! Yes, you can now get custom player heads easily without spending four hours in the Google search page. There's already 1,500 unique heads categorized, which you can use. And the best part of this... everyone in the server can use it! Just see the awesomeness yourself using the new /head command! If you still want to get player heads by a name, you can use /heads get <name> for that


And as always,
have an awesome day at BuildCraftia
by Miner at 6:54 PM
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Welll hellllooooo BC natiion. Let's get roiiiiiight into the neeews.

Today, I have the pleasure of announcing our new moderators. We thought long and hard about it, with much discussion in all 3 staff chats. But now the moment we've allll beeen waiting foooor.

Your 2016 summer moderators are!

  • __Alkaline__
  • Yvagary
  • Hestia
Congratulations to you three!

Your ranks will be instated when you're next online and an admin will be assigned to train you.

Again, congratulations!

And here's the voting results, if anyone's interested (added by the amazing AZZA):
If someone's name doesn't appear on the voting chart, they didn't receive votes this time.
by ItsAZZA at 4:36 PM
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The voting has ended!

Thanks for your votes!

Staff starts to discuss about the applicants sooner or later and you can expect the results this weekend. Any possible postpones will be announced here.
by Nine_Terasu at 5:00 PM
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We have a lot of good applications this time around!

Probably the most stressful time of the staff selection process, now you can vote for who you think is the most eligible to be staff on the BuildCraftia Server Network. However, once again, there's a new way to vote for your favorite applicant, so listen close to what I'm about to say!

- Before going to vote, you need to set up an account to be used at our new dedicated voting website. To do this, you need to log onto the server and type /player password, and then follow the directions the server gives you.

- Using your Minecraft username and the information you received from /player password, you can go to and you will be prompted to log in before voting for your selected applicant.

-The last part is easy; all you have to do is select from our wonderful list of applicants!

Always remember to vote for who you think the title of...
by Nine_Terasu at 3:50 PM
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Hey guys!

Yes, you read correctly, the staff application/nomination process has begun once again! A few things have changed since our last application process, so read carefully and be sure to make note of the changes that have been made.

We are looking for individuals willing to donate their own free time to the server, and who are able to cooperate both with other staff members and with the community to come to conclusions. They need to be honest, hardworking, and have good problem-solving abilities.

Before all you beautiful people go to make your mod apps, the following changes have been made to the prerequisites that need to be met in order for your application to be considered, and how the applications will be considered.

- All applicants have to have been on the server for at least three months in order to be considered.

- There is no specific age limit for the applications this time; the quality of both the applicant and the application will be...
by ItsAZZA at 2:17 AM
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I just got notified about yesterday's events on the survival server.

I am deeply worried about the community's team spirit, if you are raiding each other's builds just because they haven't claimed it and just to obtain money. I am not pointing fingers at any individuals here. I am also aware of our survival rules, that raiding and destroying is allowed if one's build isn't claimed. Our rules also state that using common sense is allowed, and recommendable.

We are going to update survival rules to accommodate such events:

“One may demolish and raid (collect resources from chests and builds) a base if it's not claimed by the player. However, if a build is seemingly part of one's build, you are not allowed to do as described. Seemingly, means a part of a house, building or any structure. If there is space between the claim and the structure, such as a player made road, bridge or terrain, you have the rights to raid that build. Survival server is not Factions, but a...
by Quicksteve at 1:04 PM
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Hello everyone!

In case you haven’t caught the drift yet, we have officially updated the creative server to 1.10! This update has been long awaited on the server. There may be some issues or bugs, so please remain patient and notify a staff member if you find any!

Not only will the creative server be updated, but the survival server will be updated too! I know many of you are fearing the loss of all your builds on survival… but do not worry! The survival map will NOT BE RESET! Creative will also not be reset! So all your builds will remain intact!

And finally, for those of you wondering about our minigames servers, their updates will be coming eventually, but they will take longer than creative or survival due to their uniqueness. They will be updated as soon as possible (except for paintball, which will be released in like 200k years)!

Thank you for taking the time to read this quick announcement, and have an awesome day!


PS: Thanks for...