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by Kashers at 7:57 PM
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Hello and welcome to the second series of BCblogs! In this new series there will be a NEW layout and more! Thanks for all the feedback, and i hope you will enjoy the new series! Let's start of with some player interviews.
Today we have two interviews. One with a staff member and a donator. I will try to do these every issue.[​IMG]
First interview is with JeremyClarkson10!

Hello Jeremy!
Let's begin with your interview, first thing.

Who inspires you to play Minecraft?

Well i'd say my family, they know i like designing things, so i just do anything to show my liking of that to them.
Where did you come up with the name 'JeremyClarkson10'?
haha, well, back at the time, i liked top gear, so did my brother, so we did that. Now It's a stupid name. I'd probably do B00D3N if i had to change my name
How did you find BuildCraftia, and what...
by Ryan3419 at 11:50 AM
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Hello all, this thread will probably be very short but its just to inform you that unfortunately I will not be able to stream on Friday night as I am going away to a youth club trip which will last all weekend.

I will have internet and I will have my phone so if you need me you can find me on there.

As I said, just a short little thread. See you around! Ryan3419 | Ryan
by Kashers at 12:49 PM
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"Whaddup BCNation?"
I'm your one of of a kind Host of BCblogs! Today we reached our 5th edition of BCblogs! Yay!
My goal for this blog is to make it neater, better and add a little more comedy. In this issue, i asked you guys to send me your feedback, and i got quite a bit. So sit back, grab a snack and go get your drinks for this edition of BCblogs! [Created by: Kash, News and Photos by Olocool17]

First off let's start with this weeks Build Showcase! Here we showcase builds, that could even be yours! We feature the best of builds, and sometimes even let you choose who get their build showcased!...
by ItsAZZA at 2:53 AM
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Yup, it's here! The new awesome trailer for BuildCraftia. It's a lot if a Finn says it's awesome.
Hope you guys enjoy, get hyped for all the new stuff on our server!

Hub! Excitement! New mini-games! Double excitement! Yay!

by Kashers at 2:12 PM
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"Whaddup BCNation?"
My name is Kash, and welcome to the fourth issue of the BuildCraftia Blogs!
Each week, we will be adding new things! Don't worry, we won't surprise you on anything different.
Remember to give a big thank you to Olocool17! He really helped BCblogs grow, with really cool stories and photos to spice things up! In this issue, we are changing it up! We are having the "Top 5 Most Active Players of the Week"! This will be replacing the Top 5 Most Likable players, point gods and posters.
Let's move right into the blog!

Congratulations to... MrIvy for receiving Player of the Week!
Today we will be also interviewing MrIvy! First Question!

How did you find BuildCraftia?

My friend introduced me to it when I told him that we should build something together so we were scrolling through planet minecraft and he found it and we...
by Ryan3419 at 5:32 AM
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Hey guys, this is Ryan3419 here. Last night I had done a Live stream on twitch, it lasted one hour and thirty minutes. By the end of the stream we had got around 30 views and a few followers too.

I had a great time doing the live stream last night so I thought about doing it again. So every Friday night from 6PM-7:30PM GMT. I will be streaming live on BuildCraftia. On those streams I will be mostly playing survival, a game of Destroy the Core and I will be occasionally be on Creative when I can decide what my next "Big Build" will be.

Every few months on the stream there will be giveaways for games too. The next one probably won't be till Christmas, but for now I hope you will enjoy the streams and I will hopefully see you all next Friday night!

Thanks, Ryan | Ryan3419
by MattyC at 3:52 PM
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So, I thought i should take the time to create a list of all of our current staff and their locations for you to enjoy whilst i have a few spare moments.

MacMeBennyZ - Owner & Founder - America
QuickSteve - Network Developer - Pengutainia, BuildCraftia Realms
MattyC164 - Community Manager - UK
AZZA470 - Community Manager - Finland

Senior Moderators

Ryan3149 - UK
JeremyC - America
MissRemmi - Canada

Joshthebest01 - UK
Bobby730 - America
Kenreao - America
mrivysaur064 - America

yvagary - America
[COLOR=rgb(0, 0,...
by ItsAZZA at 2:51 PM
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BuildCraftia Server Update


  • Bunch of new maps have been added!
    • Winter
    • Autumn (fixed)
    • Castles (fixed)
    • Railcannon
    • Biomes
    • Town
  • Because of this, we are not accepting any more maps to the DTC, for now.
  • Bug fixes
    • Spawn killing/griefing is mostly disabled
    • Spectator chat
  • Please report any problems to our staff members
  • There has been some discussion about a map called 'Ships'. I created a Strawpoll to decide what we're going to do with it. Please go vote here:
  • The...
by MacMeBenny at 5:34 PM
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Hey guys,

I've been advised to create a announcement about Pet Packs and why we cannot retrieve old purchases. Keep in mind, when you make a purchase off most Minecraft servers - you are never guaranteed anything. Since most of them are not real businesses, they call their payments "donations" which in return they send them a few in-game benefits without promising them they will receive it. Since there is a bunch of talk on EULA etc. - it's hard to determine what is allowed and what is not allowed. However, Pet Packs and other cosmetic items are allowed by Mojang - F.Y.I. we do not enforce the EULA however we have to acknowledge it and try to follow it because Mojang are the creators of the game we have based our network around.

So, back to Pet Packs... we actually cannot check which pet packs each player had. This is due to BuyCraft and the 'reset' of BuyCraft when we changed to Arcadia. Therefore pet packs cannot be verified. Even if we were able to verify players' pet packs,...
by MacMeBenny at 6:29 PM
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Alrighty, so I wanted to write this little announcement to let everyone know that the only "people" authorized to use a scripted bot on the BuildCraftia network is currently Kenreao and AZZA470, if you do not know who Kenreao is - here's something he wanted to share with everyone: