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by NapkinDabber at 1:11 AM
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Hello there. So I've been playing on BC and a couple times I came on catching people (no names mentioned) saying extremely rude, crude, and vulgar phrases in chat. Remember, we are a family friendly server, and while "potty mouthing" is allowed on the server, using it in an offensive phrase or abusing the word to create vulgarity is actually prohibited, despite the fact that it is not written in the rules (I beleive). Also remember that there is a borderline between joking and being rude. If someone tells you to stop doing your "jokes", that probably means that you've offended them and you should stop and not continue to act like a straight up jerk.

Also remember that we need to have a good impression on new players and not lose respect of old ones. If you're causing a scene with your diarrhea mouth, you're gonna make some people upset, and they're going to want to leave all because you had no control over what you typed. Another note is that kids of all ages play on here and...
by ItsAZZA at 4:49 PM
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Here's some things that I've heard in the server:

"I don't care about voting... I already have WorldEdit. And those pets... who needs those?!"
"Pft. Voting..."
"MVPs can't benefit from voting..."
"Voting is for noobs"

We have heard you: Introducing voting milestones! You'll get something special every milestone you achieve. You will of course get the regular voting benefits alongst all these new things. You can see all the voting milestones in-game with the '/milestones' command. You can also see the top voters with '/topvotes' command in-game.

4 votes:
50 votes:
Access to '/hat' permanently
75 votes:
Get the Redstone smoke trail permanently
100 votes:
Get access to '/mgl create' permanently
125 votes:
Get access to the Magic trail permanently
150 votes:
Get access the Runes trail permanently
300 votes:
Get access to the Squid pet permanently
400 votes:...
by ItsAZZA at 3:19 PM
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This time, the theme will be modern/futuristic/sci-fi! You can build alone, or in a group. Good luck all!

The prize for the winner(s) will be a 20% discount code to our shop and a free trail of choice from the /trail menu! Prizes are awesome this time, so get building now! ;)

Good luck everybody, and please don't forget to read the "Read Me" section before posting any messages on this thread. So, read that. Then you can post your competition build in the comments down below.

Time for this is two weeks. It ends Monday the 1st of December 8PM GMT and new competition is going to get announced the as well as the winner(s) of this competition.
by NapkinDabber at 9:34 AM
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Hey, I am sure many of you are aware that the player count of BuildCraftia has been rather low lately for like no apparent reason. This makes it rather hard to play the well programmed minigames like DTC and Paintball because you can never get enough people to play, and if nobody is playing on them that means a server that took time and effort to make has just gone to waste.

So, you are probably all aware of the command //vote. You simple click 1 of 6 links, follow the instructions on that link and KABLAM! You voted! The command is not simply something to let regular members of BuildCraftia get free WorldEdit, but the WorldEdit is more of a reward for those players for helping the server gain popularity. If you feel like the server has a lack of players you can complain about it all you want. That is not going to get us anymore players. Voting will make us look better and may more than likely, attract new people which probably, at least some would become members of the...
by ItsAZZA at 12:25 PM
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Hello guys!

This is going to be the first building competition. This time, as I've promised earlier, the theme will be medieval. This is going to be a group competition. Get your building group together and build a beautiful build together! It can be a plot or two. I won't restrict that. ONLY 1-5 PERSONS IN A TEAM!

The prize for this competition will be a free pet! You can each choose a pet you'd want to have (disclosing enderdragon and ghast).

Good luck everybody, and please don't forget to read the "Read Me" section before posting any messages on this thread. So, read that. Then you can post your competition build in the comments down below.

Time for this is two weeks. It ends Monday the 17th 8PM GMT and new competition is going to get announced the as well as the winners of this competition.
by ItsAZZA at 2:00 PM
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Hey guys!

Halloween is soon here and we want to celebrate it a little bit. We've thought of making a build contest! We will pick three winners and they will all get a FREE trail of their choice! Cool, eh?

Since it's Halloween, the theme will be "Halloween": surprise, surprise! Simply, create the spookiest and most awesome plot in the server! The contest will close at Sunday 2nd 9 PM GMT and the winners will be announced at Monday the 3rd.

Submit your Halloween contest plot ID down below (acquired with /plotme info) and you're in the competition. Only one build per player! Do your build alone, no groups!
by JeremyC at 7:33 AM
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Hello BCSN. As many of you have seen trying to log in, you have had some connection issues due to the hub being whitelisted. So as a result, please connect with this alternative IP

Thanks for your patience
-Jeremy and the BCSN staff team
by ItsAZZA at 4:02 PM
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BuildCraftia Update Log #2
Fixes to DTC?! Hub?! New mini-game?! Waat?!

  • Added more spawn points to maps
No more overcrowding when you start a new game! This should make the game more awesome.
  • Edited the map “Town”
Map “Town” got a change. Cores and the spawn points were moved. This is just to prevent spawn camping and to improve overall gameplay.
  • Opened the DTC map submission thread
Yes, we are taking TWO more maps this time. The thread will stay open for two weeks (or longer if there’s a lack of maps) so you will have time to finish your unfinished maps and post them. Good luck everyone! I will be picking the best maps with rest of the staff and they will be added within a week...
by MattyC at 3:53 PM
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Dear all

I am writing to you today to convey the true story: the facts, the truth and the resolution

Over the past year as I’m sure most of you are aware we have had many changes and problems across our network. Before Arcadia we had a moderator called MsCottonCandy. MsCottonCandy was your typical player until one day she decided to donate an extortionate amount of money towards the network ($2462 over a 5 day period) As a token of our gratitude we decided to promote her to admin.

It wasn’t until a few day or weeks later that our Owner MacMeBennyZ received a phone call from her father (Zach never posts his number anywhere online). MsCottonCandy’s father proceeded to threaten Zach unless he refunded all the money she had donated illegally using his credit card (Candy has taken her fathers credit card without his consent which is classed as theft and proceeded to donate to the server without his consent). Her father stated that he knew were Zach lived and that he would come and...