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by ItsAZZA at 4:58 PM
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Plot commands

Yes, during the change from 1.7 to 1.8 we changed the plot plugin from PlotMe to this new one. There was bunch more commands added and some of the old commands stopped working. Although, I created some aliases to the new commands, so you can use either ones. You can use either "/plot" or "/p", too. I have used "/plot" here.

Old command = New command

Adding & removing helpers
/plot add $ = /plot helpers add $
- Adds a person to your plot (they can build on it)​
/plot remove $ = /plot helpers remove $
- Removes a person from your plot (they no longer can build on it)​

Denying & undenying
/plot deny $ = /plot denied add $
- Denies a person (they cannot enter the plot)​
/plot undeny $ = /plot denied remove $
- Undenies a person (they can once again enter the plot)​

Plot clearing & resetting
/plot clear
- Clears the plot (removes everything on...​
by MattyC at 5:25 PM
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Good evening everyone :)

So we decided to create a quick 10 question survey that we would be ever so grateful if you could carry out to help us see the areas that we need to improve in to further increase your enjoyability on the server

The survey is fully confidential so please speak the truth and in return for completing the survey you will receive a 5% off coupon for the server store

Thank you


EDIT by MacMeBenny: Survey closed.
by ItsAZZA at 2:58 PM
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Hey guys!

We finally updated to 1.8, after several months of brainstorming, building and plugin testing! It feels great to release something this awesome. The spawn took my many months because ever single house was made separately. With 1.8 survival gets many, many feature added, but also some features were removed. The server is in delta state, so please report any problems/issues to the staff, preferably to an administrator or an owner.

Getting started
When you join the server, you will get connected to the survival 'hub' where you can find all essential things such as server shops, pvp arena, pve arena (coming soon) and player market. You can get to the building world with "/play" command. The server will teleport you automatically to the nearest free, not-so-populated area where you can still find the basic resources for starting your survival experience! If you're not satisfied by the place, just go adventure, we don't limit that!

Also, player versus...
by MattyC at 8:15 AM
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Dear BuildCraftia Community

I am writing to you today to inform you of our new ‘Senior Moderator’ rank which has been introduced.

This rank has been appointed to three moderators, those being comprised of 1 from the Europe region and 2 from the United States region.

I am delighted to inform you that your new senior moderators are IPROXGio for the Europe region and Th3Kn0wnM4n4t33 and Yvagary for the United States region.

Their responsibilities will mostly be behind the scenes but these members will have much more power in game so they will be able to assist you in game when no admins are online.

Thank you and have a nice day
Matty :)
by JeremyC at 11:40 PM
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So me, zach and a few others have been working on skywars! Yes. Another game!. Well, zach did most of the work, I just came up with alot of ideas :p. Anyways, skywars as many of you go is a pvp game that is half hg, half skyblock. 4-12 people spawn in a game with each having an island below them that has 1-4 chests. The chests contain armor, weapons, food, exc. The object is simple. Be the last one standing. So unlike the previous 3 minigame servers, this does not run off the current API. All of these are custom plugins made specifically for skywars. We also have a different spawn for skywars due to the complexity of servers and such. Some pictures of the spawn are shown below. 2015-01-09_22.33.21.png 2015-01-09_22.33.16.png 2015-01-09_22.33.11.png 2015-01-09_22.33.05.png 2015-01-09_22.32.58.png 2015-01-09_22.32.44.png

Skywars is still in beta!!! Report any bugs to staff asap
Items are one time buy in the shop, so don't send any complaints that you only get...
by Quicksteve at 5:22 AM
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Hello BuildCraftia,

many people have approached me and other staff members over the past few days showing us that permissions were not working.

In this thread, please post any commands you should be able to use but can't, any features you can't use anymore etc.


Troll posts will be dealt with accordingly.
by MattyC at 9:28 AM
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Good Afternoon Everyone!

First and foremost i would like to wish you all a very happy new year and all the best for the year ahead from all of us here at BuildCraftia.

So as some of you may have noticed we are currently in the process of updating our network to the latest version of Minecraft 1.8!

At this moment in time our friendly neighbourhood penguin developer leo is working on updating the various elements of the network. Some of these elements will take longer than others as a lot of our network is custom and will have to be update manually such as our mini games.

Below is a list of the servers and their update status

Hub - Complete
Creative - Complete (Connect Using
Survival - Complete (Connect Using
Mini-games - Incomplete

Once you are on the updated creative you will notice that...
by MattyC at 2:53 PM
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Dear BuildCraftia Community

I am writing to you today in the run up to christmas, one week today to ask you to shed a thought for the people all around us who are not as privileged as all of us to be waking up on christmas morning to presents, some who may not even be able to access a computer like all of us here

This year millions of children across the world will be waking up without presents under their tree and us at buildCraftia want to help change that no matter how small pennies make pounds and every little helps when it comes to helping other all around us.

How are we going to help ?

Us here at BuildCraftia are going to donate 50% of all excess donations this christmas to various charities, in order to increase our donations we are going to be launching a 50% off sale this christmas to not only help all of you get that pet, trail or rank that you have been wishing for but to also increase the amount that we will donate to charity.

I thank you on behalf of everyone at...
by NapkinDabber at 1:11 AM
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Hello there. So I've been playing on BC and a couple times I came on catching people (no names mentioned) saying extremely rude, crude, and vulgar phrases in chat. Remember, we are a family friendly server, and while "potty mouthing" is allowed on the server, using it in an offensive phrase or abusing the word to create vulgarity is actually prohibited, despite the fact that it is not written in the rules (I beleive). Also remember that there is a borderline between joking and being rude. If someone tells you to stop doing your "jokes", that probably means that you've offended them and you should stop and not continue to act like a straight up jerk.

Also remember that we need to have a good impression on new players and not lose respect of old ones. If you're causing a scene with your diarrhea mouth, you're gonna make some people upset, and they're going to want to leave all because you had no control over what you typed. Another note is that kids of all ages play on here and...
by ItsAZZA at 4:49 PM
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Here's some things that I've heard in the server:

"I don't care about voting... I already have WorldEdit. And those pets... who needs those?!"
"Pft. Voting..."
"MVPs can't benefit from voting..."
"Voting is for noobs"

We have heard you: Introducing voting milestones! You'll get something special every milestone you achieve. You will of course get the regular voting benefits alongst all these new things. You can see all the voting milestones in-game with the '/milestones' command. You can also see the top voters with '/topvotes' command in-game.

4 votes:
50 votes:
Access to '/hat' permanently
75 votes:
Get the Redstone smoke trail permanently
100 votes:
Get access to '/mgl create' permanently
125 votes:
Get access to the Magic trail permanently
150 votes:
Get access the Runes trail permanently
300 votes:
Get access to the Squid pet permanently
400 votes:...