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by MacMeBenny at 11:00 PM
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Hey guys,

It has come to my attention that around 8:30PM EST our long-time Moderator - ImNotARapper (bobby730) made graphic remarks about the staff, ownership team, and the server in general. We apologize if anyone was affected and took offense to anything he has said and we wanted to make sure that everyone knows that the appropriate punishments were put in place for him.

Currently, the spawn and one warp has been reported as damaged and we will work to fix these builds as fast as possible (edit by azza: fixed!) - lucky for us, we have backups incase something like this was to happen.

We do not know what caused/triggered his rage during this incident however we will be looking into it more as times goes on.

If your building was affected by his actions, please contact us immediately so we can fix it for you.

Again, we apologize if anyone was affected by this and have a nice night,
by ItsAZZA at 2:19 PM
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Okay guys! April Fools are over for me... what a stupid prank this year, haha... It's time to announce the first voters of the month! We want to thank tons all our voters, awesome work!

The voters of the month are:
1. DustyAshton
2. MegurineFoxy12
3. PSmithgamer

Contact me for your coupon you can use in our server store!!! Thanks again tons!
by ItsAZZA at 7:23 AM
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Hello there!

From today on, the server will be owned by me, AZZA. Because of this event, the server is going to change language from English to Finnish. Also, our current owners will be demoted to admin, as soon as possible. I have already started the preparation for this event on our Creative server, but since it's so much work I haven't done much, yet. I have changed some of the messages into Finnish already, but I will start working on the plugin messages from tomorrow on. It's going to be a lot of work, but I think it's going to be worth the pain!

Also, since I will be taking care of the server, from tomorrow on (2nd of April) no other languages than FINNISH will be allowed on the server. If you are speaking on another language you will receive a permanent ban or a mute. Anything from the Google Translate will be strictly forbidden and in case of using it, you are also going to get banned or muted.

I hope I can boost the Finnish Minecraft community with this, because it's...
by ItsAZZA at 4:04 PM
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It has been over a week since the staff applications were closed. We have all been extremely busy last week with school (Leo with real work not just school). I had three matriculation exams last week and... it's been really hectic. But, to the main point now! We have finally decided the people who will be accepted as helpers!

The chosen applicants will be promoted to Helpers and they will start their work immediately! Those four new helpers will go through a four week testing period. During this period, our staff members will observe the new helpers. After 4 weeks, all the remaining helpers will be tested to ensure they have got the inner parts of moderating and they will be either promoted to Moderators or demoted to the rank they were before.

Big, big thanks to everybody who made an application. We had absolutely bunch of them this time, which is awesome! There were some really bad applications and some really good applications. Of course we chose the best...
by Quicksteve at 4:19 PM
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Dear BuildCraftia,

I am writing to you today to introduce you to our exciting new “Voters of the Month” scheme. In this scheme we will be rewarding our top three voters with a cash discount from our server store!

Best Voter - $15 Off Anything
Second Best Voter - $10 Off Anything
Third Best Voter - $5 Off Anything

We will also be introducing further voting perks and milestones in the coming weeks and months to reward you as our community for helping to publicise us!

Many thanks

BCSN Administration

PS: This message was made amazing by Matty the Wordmaster.
by MattyC at 4:02 PM
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Good evening,

This is a just a quick announcement to inform you that Staff Applications will be opening on Saturday - February 28th.

We are strictly hiring 3 UK and 2 US Helpers.

All usual rules and requirements apply.

Thank you and have a nice day,
by MattyC at 4:06 PM
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Evening everyone

I just thought I would write this quick post to tell you about the new Name Changing feature within Minecraft!

Today, February 4th Mojang allowed Minecraft users to change their usernames. There are a few underlying worries about this that I would like to address:
  1. All banned users will remain banned - Minecraft works using a UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) system to organize it's players therefore when a player is banned they are banned using their UUID and not the username itself. If you don't understand that look at it this way the UUID is the account and the username is the username, the username can always be changed but the account cannot. Therefore don't worry about banning, its all under control!
  2. Donation ranks will remain - As said in the previous post our ranks work on a UUID system as well therefore your donations are linked to your UUID not the username itself so you will always have you rank!
Added by AZZA:...
by ItsAZZA at 4:58 PM
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Plot commands

Yes, during the change from 1.7 to 1.8 we changed the plot plugin from PlotMe to this new one. There was bunch more commands added and some of the old commands stopped working. Although, I created some aliases to the new commands, so you can use either ones. You can use either "/plot" or "/p", too. I have used "/plot" here.

Old command = New command

Adding & removing helpers
/plot add $ = /plot helpers add $
- Adds a person to your plot (they can build on it)​
/plot remove $ = /plot helpers remove $
- Removes a person from your plot (they no longer can build on it)​

Denying & undenying
/plot deny $ = /plot denied add $
- Denies a person (they cannot enter the plot)​
/plot undeny $ = /plot denied remove $
- Undenies a person (they can once again enter the plot)​

Plot clearing & resetting
/plot clear
- Clears the plot (removes everything on...​
by MattyC at 5:25 PM
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Good evening everyone :)

So we decided to create a quick 10 question survey that we would be ever so grateful if you could carry out to help us see the areas that we need to improve in to further increase your enjoyability on the server

The survey is fully confidential so please speak the truth and in return for completing the survey you will receive a 5% off coupon for the server store

Thank you


EDIT by MacMeBenny: Survey closed.
by ItsAZZA at 2:58 PM
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Hey guys!

We finally updated to 1.8, after several months of brainstorming, building and plugin testing! It feels great to release something this awesome. The spawn took my many months because ever single house was made separately. With 1.8 survival gets many, many feature added, but also some features were removed. The server is in delta state, so please report any problems/issues to the staff, preferably to an administrator or an owner.

Getting started
When you join the server, you will get connected to the survival 'hub' where you can find all essential things such as server shops, pvp arena, pve arena (coming soon) and player market. You can get to the building world with "/play" command. The server will teleport you automatically to the nearest free, not-so-populated area where you can still find the basic resources for starting your survival experience! If you're not satisfied by the place, just go adventure, we don't limit that!

Also, player versus...