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  1. knewnie

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    Location (from /plot info) & screenshots:
    -15;-14 (bigplots world)


    This map is based on Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China, AKA the place that inspired the setting of Avatar. It's one Bigplot size, and consists of 3 main levels - the lower forest level, the highlands (where most of the combat would take place), and the greater highlands, where a big Buddha statue sits. It features traditional Chinese-style buildings to add some variation to the landscape. The core is low to the right of where spawn is. There are plenty of secrets to find too

    Why should this map be selected?

    Because it's unique - it has very little void, which spices up the gameplay style, and it emphasizes verticality, something missing in many DTC maps. The drastic differences in vertical level compared between the ground and the highlands provides unique, exciting gameplay.
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    Is the sailor moon pixel art part of it lmao. Also the mountainous design is the best.
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  3. knewnie

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    lmao no thats unrelated. + thank u
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    This map has been accepted!!1!!!1! Congrats
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