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    There are a lot of awesome builds on the server, and we want to show them off to the world! The most popular place to post your builds is PlanetMinecraft, of course.

    Our penguin servants have received some information that there is a new feature on PlanetMinecraft which lets you tag the server you have the build on. You can also tell viewers how to access your build. This will make it easier for us to spot your builds, and easier for viewers to come check your build on our server. Maybe some of them are willing to give you some help building!


    We want to encourage you to post your builds on PlanetMinecraft for us to see! We will be sharing the best builds in our social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Your PMC submission will be linked as well!

    Here’s how to add BuildCraftia as the submission server to your PMC submission. Click on the spoiler to reveal.

    1. Go to the submission page at where you can post a new project or go to one of your existing projects and click “Update Project”

    2. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you see the “Link submission to a server” section. To link BuildCraftia to your submission, type in BuildCraftia or our RID: 786445

    3. Click on the server name, and you will see a new option box which says “How to find project”. Type here the command which takes the viewer to your build. This can be a warp or a plot teleportation command. You can also give them other instructions on how to find the build.

    4. Continue with your project submission, and once finished click on the “Save” button on the top of the page.

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    6. Profit

    We will choose some of the builds to be featured in our social media, so you have a chance to get a lot of views on your PMC build.

    Thanks for reading, and as always, have an awesome week on BuildCraftia! :penguin:

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