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  1. Name: Ye Olden Days

    Author(s): jeremy333

    Location (from /plot info) & screenshots: plot id is -15;4, red spawn is at x:-1347 y:67 z:513, blue spawn is at x:-1347 y:67 z:270
    Screenshots are linked below submission

    Description: The theme here is a standard red vs blue scenario. There are two villages and two small islands. One pair for each team. There is also a midpoint island with a tall mage tower which in my opinion benefits the archer kit. Players spawn in the back gate on the second floor, reviving an open view of their village to defend. The core for each team is on top of the entry gate for the villages being held by a statue. The islands are floating so a lot of deaths will be caused by void, which isn't very uncommon to us. The map looks great in day or night or any other time setting chosen. (at least in my opinion.)

    Why should this map be selected? I put a lot of work in this map. From terraforming, to making sure the map is symmetrical as possible, which it is. I spent about a week and a half on this project and has been my #1 priority on creative. I have showed this map to other players on the server and asked for their opinion on this build, and they all said it was really good. I feel this map could be a favorite to players new and/or old. And I hope you consider giving this map a chance and putting it on the minigame. Thank you for having me be a proud guest on buildcraftia to be able to build this work of art.


    Screenshots Link:
    sorry for low-resolutionish pictures...
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  2. Remmi

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    This map has been accepted. Thank you for submitting this map! We will add it to the game as soon as possible.

    If you have any questions please contact a staff member. Have a great day!
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