WordWorld 6.5 "Empire City"

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  1. Hello. This thread will be Redstone Empire and WordWorld based only. I suggest if you don't like those two topics, you do not continue reading the thread. This is your warning.​

    History | Recent "Events"
    I would like to start by covering recent events within the Empire. Currently, the world is placed into a semi-public mode. We are currently in construction working on Empire City and repairing the Tahettian Village Incident (for more information regarding the TV Incident, ask Wordguy). Soon, the world will be open to it's original Beta-Public phase, where most players will be allowed into the world, before we move to the new "BuildCraftia Realms", when the world will be fully made public.

    WordWorld1 (Modern Paradise) Information
    Currently, WordWorld1 is closed. Few people have access to the world, but progress has been temporary halted. Due to the TV Incident, and current construction on Empire City.

    WordWorld2 (Empire City) New News
    Alright, now to the new part! Empire City is now in construction. After weeks of testing various road designs, organizing a spawn, and settling on some features for the new world. We finally settled on a 4 lane, bike lane and pedestrian walkway with appropriate street lights and bike parking. Soon, the new world will come and hopefully be just as large as WordWorld1.

    As I conclude this thread, I'd like to say that there are only 2 worlds within the Redstone Empire. These include:
    WordWorld (Modern Paradise) [Version 6.5]
    WordWorld2 (Empire City) [Version 3]


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