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    Wordguy The Flash Staff Member Moderator Penguin

    IGN: WordShultz

    Alternative accounts:

    Previous in-game names (If applicable):
    Wordguy345, Wordguy, WordPenguin, ShultzPretzels, Joshua64885

    Age & year of birth: 16, 2001

    Discord: Shultz#7997

    Country & Timezone: United States, PSA

    Current BuildCraftia Rank: Penguin Legacy

    Current Reputation: 0


    - Moderator Application -

    Why would you like to become a Moderator?: I want to become a moderator because I feel there are ways that the BuildCraftia Community can improve. I'd like to help out players both new and old, as well as work to improve the server as a whole.

    What makes you different to other applicants?: What sets me apart from other applicants is my experience on the server. I've been playing on BC for over four years now, and have maintained a private world for over two. Though being a staff member and running the world are obviously different, I believe that my experience running the private world has given me time to learn how to delegate and solve problems easily. Personally I understand that I may not appear as dedicated or as great of a player as some of my fellow applicants, but I do love this server very much. I know my flaws and that I don't have the best reputation (both officially and with other players), but if selected, I will work my hardest to improve the server and help other players see BuildCraftia for what I see it as: An awesome place to gather with your friends and do fun things.

    Do you have any past experience with moderating?: No

    If a user asked you for help, e.g. with plot commands, how would you respond? : I would simply ask what the problem is, help them learn how to do the command and fix their problem, and ask if they have any other issues or questions.

    If a user asked you a question you are unable to answer, what would you do?: I would go to a more senior staff member or experienced player. If none of those are available, I'd look on the forums or online for a solution.

    What have you done in the past for BuildCraftia?: In the past I've worked to build and maintain my private server, where me and my friends constantly build cities, minigames, and other fun things. Currently my world's biggest aspect is our minigame arcade, where players can come and choose from over 30 minigames to play. I've also helped to create a DTC map alongside Razer (though the map was later removed), as well as the warp Notesongs, with the help of MrFish. Ages ago, I also helped to create the BCSN Wiki.

    What could you do in the future for BuildCraftia?: In the future I hope to continue working on my private realm, as well as helping the player base and making new players feel welcome in our community.


    Additional Information -

    Amount of time a day / week you can come online: About 3-4 hours a day, every day of the week until June 15, then up to 12 hours a day. Around September it will decrease back to 4 hours a day though. I'll mainly be available in the evenings and late into the night, from around 6:30-12 PM, although I will definitely hop on a lot in the morning hours. Afternoons (4-6 PM) will be a little more difficult but I'll still try my hardest to get online. I can also have a major presence on discord so if anyone needs anything they can message me there.

    Which of the BuildCraftia server(s) are you most active on?: My private realm

    How many staff application have you made previously?: 3

    Anything else we should know? : I understand I have a negative history with some players on this server. I hope that I've proven in the last year that I have matured and my past mistakes and causing drama can be looked over. Although there is no excuse, I hope that a few of the players I have hurt can come to forgive me and recognize that I have matured.


    Tell us about yourself: I play trumpet in a high school marching band, and for my hobbies I like to compose music and teach myself how to play piano. I'm very addicted to comic books and superheroes (to the point where it's probably unhealthy), and even more so to pretzels. Pretzels are quite honestly the best food. If you wish to support my music compositions, you can listen to some of them here.

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