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    June 25, 2015 4:31 PM PST
    The wife of Word World founder, Chipjelly, is cheating on her husband, Wordguy.
    211.jpg 955.jpg.png
    Stock photos

    There is no word if the authorities will be involved. However, the police has released two photos marked as evidence. In each photo, two sentences are marked. Those will be used against Chipjelly.

    2015-06-25_15.57.59.png 2015-06-25_15.58.20.png
    (Top) A member asks a trustworthy source about the subject at hand. The source responds with an answer.
    (Bottom) Another member asks the same source about the subject at hand, his reaction shows that the answer was the one he was expecting.

    Chip is currently undergoing an interrogation. Word will come out about the subject.

    UPDATE 6/25/2015 4:40 PM PST

    We have contacted Chip about the matter. He has not answered. Also, an anonymous source has sent us this pitcure.

    (Above) Chip confessing to loving Josh.
    We have also gone up to Word and asked him about the matter.

    2015-06-25_16.37.07.png (Above) Wordguy admitting that he knew about Chip cheating on him.
    UPDATE 6/25/2015 5:01 PM PST

    The police have released pictures from Wordguy's interrogation. A trial in a court of law is scheduled the next day. More updates on that soon.

    2015-06-25_16.55.01.png 2015-06-25_16.55.43.png 2015-06-25_16.56.14.png
    (Top) Word answers that he always knew about the subject.
    (Middle) Word answers that Chip had been showing signs of her cheating for a while.
    (Bottom) Word admits he actually fell in love with Chip.

    UPDATE 6/25/2015 6:23 PM PST

    The date and time of the trial has been rescheduled to an unknown date. The following is a list of availabilities of everyone that will be at the court and their roles. For those who wish to spectate, please teleport to me on the announced date.

    Fan (Judge): Anytime Chip is on
    Chip (Defendant): Unknown
    Hestia (Witness): Any day between 1 PM - 8 PM PST
    Word (Witness): Any day, any time outside of 5 PM - 8:15 PM PST
    TNT (Prosecutor): Any day, any time except Saturday and July 4
    Marxplier (Defense attorney): Any day, any time

    UPDATE 6/25/2015 6:40 PM PST

    It seems we have gotten most of the information wrong. Chip has been cheating on Word. Not the other way around. We apologize for any inconvenience and we assure you the responsible party has been fired. Wait that was me...

    UPDATE 6/25/2015 11:32 PM PST

    The date, time, and location has been decided. The trial will be on my plot on Sunday, June 28th at 4 - 5 PM PST or 9 - 10 AM AEST. All attendees will TP to me on the selected date and time. A jury is also needed. If you would like to be part of the jury, please use the following format. A total of 7 members are needed.

    IGN: <username>
    Date and time of availability: <Ex: Any day any time, any day between 5 PM - 9 PM>
    Do you think you can justify your opinion: <Yes or no>

    UPDATE 6/26/2015 11:52 PM PST

    Any witnesses who have seen Word and Chip's marriage or any relating actions, please report to me on the scheduled date and time.

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    I actually sent that picture... lol
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    In one of the pics MrFish says "DusTNT is real" xD
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  7. Kaiziieee

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    *violently gasps and collapses on the floor* I CAN'T BELIEVE IT O-O-O-O-O-O-O
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    I come on the forums to see this. Well I'm gonna play Xbox now after this horrific sight
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    This just proves my point I made a few days after Word got married
    "This will not last"
    But word I am sorry for what happened with you and Chip
    Yvagary divorced Word reason: Fake marriage
    Chip cheating on Word: :(
    Btw if it can be can I be ze Jury :3
    Also that marriage is not right
    As word you stated the reasons here of why you married her
    1) Because shes hot
    2) You were dared
    Word let me tell you something
    Marriages are about PURE love yes you have shown love to Chip but Pure love is different
    You always love her and always be with her but marrying someone because they're hot is not pure love. PURE love is when you love someone even if they are ugly.

    Other reason
    Not a valid reason to marry
    Again not pure love
    You should see someone who you met a long time ago
    And start dating and propose to them not because its a dare
    Because you love her since you met her.

    This is a message from my friend Steven
    Hes my schools love expert

    Word hope you understand its not marrying if you marry someone you havn't even talked to IN REAL LIFE even if its a rp you shouldn't act if your married that is just dumb this is not ROBLOX or a dating simulator it is Minecraft you can act for a day but for like 2 weeks or more
    Sorry if I offended you

    Message from sud

    Love is petty human emotions which 67 percent ends in failure
    In this generation love is becoming a bit impure
    Every year its becoming impure
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    Well at least #Wish is still Canon
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    #Wordgary dried out
    So will this
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    father fan needed on isle 5
  14. NapkinDabber

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    Kn0wn refuses that this was ever a ship but I was there to see it.
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    Hahahahahhahaah :p
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    Well at least Wish is canon
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    I would cheat tbh :D
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    That was never a ship lol.
  19. HoundofNimbus

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    Oh sorry xD
  20. Dusty

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    We all know Chip loves me the most.
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