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    Hello, I am WolfPaste, or Pastel! This is my mod application :)


    IGN: Wolfpaste

    Alt Accounts: None

    Previous IGNS: There are too many too name, so here are the first four: kittenlover1O1, KaitlynCat05, xX_WolfGamer_Xx, and TheJediKitten3

    Age and Year of Birth: Age- 10, Year- 2007

    Discord: ~ωσℓfραѕтє~#3583

    Timezone: Centeral

    Current Rank: Penguin

    Current Rep: 0 (Sad, I know...)


    I would like to become a moderator because I have been on this server for very long, maybe 4 years or so? 1 year was on my brother's account. I only play on this server, and it is my favorite server. :) I would love to help other's out, and I like making others happy!

    I find the thing that makes me different from other applicants is that I'm younger than most of them, and I feel that that stands out, that a young person like me would try something like this. :)

    I have not been a mod in the past.

    If a user asked for help, I would always help them. I don't like letting people down, it makes me sad. I would mostly respond with the correct answer, unless if I didn't know the answer.

    If a user asked a question I can't answer, I would tell them to ask an owner, or another mod.

    In the not too far away past, I bought a penguin rank. The other ranks I had were gifts from amazing people, but I got penguin myself. :) (With the help of my grandpa)

    I could help in the future by helping players, mods, and maybe even owners! I could tell them commands, how to use commands, and much more!

    =Additional Info=

    I can mostly come on BCSN every day, unless I'm busy or grounded. I am mostly active on weekends. But, Summer is coming soon so I will be WAY more active! :D

    I am mostly active on creative.

    This is my first staff application!

    I will put anything else below.

    =About Me=

    I love helping others, building, and I'm a tad clumsy and I make a lot of typos. :)

    Edit: I am also Swedish so don't mind any spelling mistakes. xD
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