Winter Staff Applications 2016

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    Hello members of Buildcraftia!

    Yes, it is finally time to open up staff applications once again! Due to recent staff changes, which I will talk about later, we are looking for new members for the staff team.

    We are going to be accepting three new moderators this time around. We are going to be looking for active, committed members of the community. Before you apply, make sure you understand that being staff is a duty and you must be responsible and willing to carry this new responsibility on the server. The secret word is green.

    Applications will end promptly on Friday, December 9th at 9pm GMT.

    You can apply in this sub-forum:

    For those of you who are going to be applying, I suggest reading this thread:

    Once accepted, the new mods will be trained by our three admins, PhoenixStudios, DustyAshton, and __Alkaline__. Yes, Alkaline is now officially an admin, so please congratulate him when you see him next. As for the rest of the staff changes I mentioned earlier, Nine, Kai, and Hestia are all no longer apart of the staff team. We will all miss them!
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