What is Slime Run?

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    What is Slime Run exactly?
    Slime Run is a custom mini-game, originally suggested by Ryan3419 on BuildCraftia Forums.

    As the name suggests, the game has something to do with slime more precisely, slime blocks. Slime Run levels consist of slime block layers, where players can jump and run around. As players go on top of the slime blocks, they disappear under them. Objective is to stay alive as long as possible, without falling into the void down below under the slime block layers. Game has many random events that can occur during the game; including invisibility, blindness and slowness.

    In the future, there will also be kits, you can buy with the in-game money, Crystals. Information about these will come later as they get developed.

    How do you play Slime Run?
    Playing Slime Run is really simple. First you need to join the Slime Run server by selecting the server from the server menu (/server). Once the server has enough players, the game will start. You have 10 seconds to get ready before the game starts. When countdown reaches zero, it means GO! Jump around and try not to fall down to the next layer. After some layers, there will be void. If you fall in the void, you'll die.

    Simple game, so much fun!

    Remember the game is in BETA and there might be some bugs and glitches in the game. Some features may be changed, some may be added. We ask politely you to report bugs to the Slime Run Bug sub-forum located here.

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