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Discussion in 'Warp Requests' started by Alkaline, Jun 4, 2018.

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  1. Alkaline

    Alkaline Administrator Staff Member Administrator Event Winner

    Name of Warp:
    North Pole (Im open for other suggestions)

    Plot ID(s):
    This build has 2 seperate plots. One to teleport people trough a portal and 1 with the actual build.
    I will list 1 of both because I dont know why I would list 20 seperate plots.
    I would suggest using the portal plot for added effect though.


    Main build:

    Warp Coordinates:

    This build was something I made to house all the christmas presents that I wanted to gift a
    few lovely people from BC.
    It got out of hand and I ended up building a mini north pole/santas home. It features a main building in the middle with all the personal/custom present rooms and a big christmas tree.
    The main building is surrounded by a small town for the elves that make the presents. The town is located in an icy cliff which is surrounded by a mountain range full of spruce trees.
    At the bottom of the cliff you can find Santas workshop and the sleigh garage with all the reindeer. (rudolph escaped)

    In the mountains you can find 2 little eastereggs. A yeti and the grinch.

    Additional Information:
    There are no more presents to be found but all the present rooms have a unique style to them.


    Pictures via imgur because there are a lot of them.
    I also apologize for using shaders.
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  2. Napkin

    Napkin Well-Known Member Penguin

    Seriously.... you copied my warp request from 2013. Don’t be surprised when yours gets denied!! -_-

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  3. Alkaline

    Alkaline Administrator Staff Member Administrator Event Winner

    Im sorry Napkin but it was such a good idea! :(

    And yeah i wont be surprised ;)
  4. LumenFidei

    LumenFidei Well-Known Member Penguin

    Exquisite SINGULAR work _Alkaline! This should definitely be a warp. I won't be surprised when it does become a warp!

    Hahaha :)
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  5. ItsAZZA

    ItsAZZA BuildCraftia Owner Staff Member Administrator Owner

    Accepted and added! :penguin:
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