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    It’s been quite a while since our last update. Here is some important news and things from the past couple of weeks to a month.

    What is it, though? It’s a map of our server. At the moment, we have rendered the Survival world, and you are able to check it out at: https://penguin.bcsn.us/render/

    We are planning to render Creative soon, so stay tuned for that. Unfortunately, for the sheer size of the map, we are only able to do around 10,000 blocks or so around Creative spawn. We are thinking to update the maps once a week and adding waypoints for all warps.


    You are able to zoom in really close, too!


    Destroy the Core gameplay is heavily influenced by the maps, so we really want to hear your feedback about our current maps. We will soon create a poll, where you can vote which maps we should keep and which we should remove or change.

    Parkour was released around a week ago, but we desperately need maps for it. At the moment, there’s only a few maps. Please make sure to submit your maps up for a review under the Parkour forums at https://forum.bcsn.us/index.php?forums/parkour-maps.55/
    Parkour server is down at the moment because of a currency glitch which is under investigation. We will announce at Discord, when we are able to bring it back.

    We feel like Reputation has taken the voting in right direction. A few weeks back we added FULL WorldEdit access for 4 votes. This access lasts 3 hours, but remember you can get full around-the-clock -access with Reputation eventually.

    If you have ideas or feedback about Reputation it’s always welcome. We are taking suggestions to improve the system and we are adding new perks all the time. Please also report bugs about permissions you should have and which are not working.

    These updates can all be found on our #changelog channel on Discord. Be sure to join us and keep yourself informed about changes: http://bcsn.us/discord

    • Global
      • Added penguin join message and firework (Premium and up) globally
      • Join message and firework can now be toggled with “/player togglejoinmessage” and “/player togglejoinfirework” (tjm and tjf for short)
      • Fixed the server selection menu
        • The servers are now alphabetically in order
        • The player count is now accurate
      • Fixed the “/server list” command
    • DTC
      • Updated game lobby
      • You can now leave the game by using “/game lobby”, “/lobby” or “/hub”
      • Updated maps
        • Removed some maps requested by the community
        • Added new maps: Rats’ Den by TheTazHD, Biomes Two by ItsAZZA and Good & Evil by ItsAZZA and __Alkaline__
        • Fixed spawnpoints and core-coordinated on Railcannon, Good & Evil and Penguin Mansion
        • Fixed a problem with some maps having mobs or day-night cycle enabled
    • Creative
      • Added “//fixlighting”, “//removelighting”, “//setblocklight” and “//setskylight” to the vote-worldedit perks
      • Removed the rule restricting WorldEdit use for non-donors (players without WorldEdit access)
    • Survival
      • Added totems of undying to the admin shops
      • Added voting links to Survival, but you still need to connect to Creative to receive your rewards
    We also want to thank Lea for her service as a staff member. Due to her inactivity we have decided to demote her to MVP.

    Thanks for reading, and as always, have an awesome week on BuildCraftia!
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    I can't lick this post
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    Thank you @ItsAZZA for all your work! I love the map!
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    Awesome work!
    We'll miss you lea!
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