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    The update we’ve been hiding and keeping as a secret from you is finally here! We’re excited to announce something for our server we’ve never seen on any other server network. So without further ado, let’s get right into it!

    Introducing two new plot worlds for Creative: Nether and End

    The worlds are quite different from the regular plot worlds - the mood of the dimension is really present. This is something you cannot achieve in the regular world with biomes.

    The Nether spawn built by __Alkaline__.

    The End spawn built by ItsAZZA.

    The plots are themed by the dimensions and they are 101 by 101 blocks. You can use all the plot features you can in the regular plot worlds: merging, biomes… and so on.

    These two worlds can be accessed via the /nether and /end commands. You can also select the world when claiming a plot (see below).


    Easier plot claiming

    When you use /plot auto you will be greeted by a menu where you can select the world you want. Click the world you want to claim a plot in. This will teleport you to that world.


    The menu will then prompt you to select “YES” (green) or “NO” (see photo below). When selecting “YES” a plot will be claimed and you are teleported to that plot. If you decide to click “NO” the world selection menu will reappear.


    You can claim plots as before by going on top of an unclaimed plot and using /plot claim.


    The Menu

    We announced the menu some time ago, but we wanted to mention it in this post as well. You can use this really nifty menu with /menu.

    You can change your plot’s settings, access the trail menu and get some great banners and so much more!



    Smaller updates and fixes
    • Fixed hostile pets in Creative
    • Reset unused plots
    • Optimized server for better performance
    • Added more penguins
    • Removed Herobrine
    We hope you enjoy these new changes! If there’s any problems with these new features, please report them to us.

    P.S If you didn’t catch our previous post, the Cubed! 2017 will start in less than a week so please make sure you claim a ticket for the event at
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    this is super cool!!
    i frikin love minecraft!!!
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    I knew you were hiding something!!!
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    That’s pretty tuff
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    Thank you Azza and Alk for adding yet another dimension of awesomeness to bcsn

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