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Discussion in 'Creative Server Discussion' started by GollLol, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. GollLol

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    Hey all! Firstly, I changed my IGN from Gollumisepic to Stylezero, in case anybody was confused, but I am probably going to change it back.

    Secondly, some of you may already know about my Mines build, but for those who don't, its basically a build I am creating as a sort of thanks to everyone on the server. If you wish to be added into the mines build, please post a reply stating your IGN and the activity you wish your amour stand to be doing. Some activities you could be doing include: Mining, pushing minecarts, working in the smeltery room, sitting in the throne room (Staff Team Only!), demolitions (tnt and stuff), and working in the ore storage.

    Thanks all

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  2. Mipsu

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    oh wowzers! so style was u the hole (pun intended) time cx
  3. DoctaCirno

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    That sounds like a great idea, Goll! c;
  4. FatherFan

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    FatherFan - I'd like to be at the entrance to the mine, if not working in ore storage
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