Denied Tntdestroyd's Compelled Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Tntdestroyr, Dec 31, 2016.

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    I was banned because of my wanting to show a well known member like myself a place where all server side has been modded in the form a mmorpg type of game inside the minecraft game and had never seen something like that before, so I wanted to see if the other member had seen something like it as well, so rather than attempt to explain what it was i had seen to him, i decided it would be easier just to show him so I then decided to provide the servers IP instead to see first hand, so i proceeded to do so by means of utilizing a sign, as to not broadcast the ip to everyone in open chat from any of its forms like mail or pm, but used the sign so nobody would see it, in respect for BCSN. As mentioned, we're frequently visiting BCSN on a normal basis and are loyal and devoted members, even if there truly had been a case to where we were to be seeing someone truly attempting at advertising an ip address by means to persuade us to visit there server, would not have been able to of swayed us in the slightest, for we are now and forever 100% BCSN people. So technically this means that if this punishment now placed on me had never of taken place, nothing would actually be different now than from what it was yesterday, for we would still be here on BCSN like as if nothing ever happened. Regardless though, I am sorry for ever having shown another locations servers IP but had no other means of being able to send the message to him other than what i felt to be the most discreet and logical method which again was the utilization of the sign. I hope that the ban will be lifted for I can now see the seriousness of the whole situation and can guarantee that it will never happen again if the ban were to be forgiven and released. I would never intentionally attempt to harm BCSN by any means and only would ever want to see that BCSN is to only grow and be successful. Also, i feel compelled to also note, the fact that I'm persistent and always strive to achieve a goal that I feel compelled to pursue would be exactly why I would have been a great choice for a role on the BCSN team, which I'm very confident, that anyone that were to be doubting my ability to perform, would be shown to be in for a rude awakening at the realization as to of how well i would actually excel at being in that role. Just have to get that first chance though to be able to show that. :) Thanks

    As much as I do appreciate and respect the opinion given on the last appeal, and although I understand there shouldn't be appeals on temp-bans, I'm overly compelled that this can be resolved by means of such harsh punishments for I feel im showing my devotion to the server in several ways to show that I by no means were to advertise on the server in an attempt to remove its player basis, I didn't purchase dozens of people ranks on this server because I wanted to try and make them leave or go somewhere else, my being admit bout the fact that I've received this punishment to be from a misinterpretation and respect that people are trying to follow things to the letter, but sometimes, these things are not as what they seem and should be hopefully given a new light or understanding to every aspect of this situation to see that this is in a way blown out of proportion and can be easily resolved by other means of punishment as to not make it to where a loyal member to not be allowed to work on things inside the server I have been working on forever here for a whole week. Please see where my being compelled to not stop till its realized that what im being punished for was not at all what was or did happen there was no advertising in a sense, were both loyal members to the end and nothing will change that so please don't do this on new years day, please let this go and know it was a mistake I'm sry for not knowing the severity of this offense and Guarantee it shall never happen again now knowing the consequences from such offense. Please let me back in. Thanks guys.
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    Normally, I would not accept/deny a ban appeal if I was the one who banned the person. But, if you already appealed and were denied, you have to wait a month to appeal again. Your temporary ban will be over by that time anyways. So, this appeal is denied by default. Have a good day.
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