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    Y'know, maybe next time I should just keep a copy of this. I swear I make a new one each time...

    "I am only capable of showing you where to dig and what to dig for, but the digging, you must do yourself." - 7acespade.

    A lot of people want to be staff. It's only fair that we give everyone an equal opportunity when the time comes to open applications. But it can be frustrating when you click on 'Moderator Applications Spring 2016' and you're greeted by a big-ass wall of text. Given the age-range we're looking for, it's no easy task we ask of you when you have to make an application by scratch. Good job to those who created their application before this thread was made (and feel free to make edits to those after reading this), but in true BuildCraftia tradition, here are some tips to help you make a successful Moderator Application!

    1) Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar.
    This crops up all the time, and we're not the only server network that advise users on this :p . Be sure to proof-read your application before submission, and check for any SPaG errors. When you're writing your application, you want to put yourself across as a mature, well-spoken personality. To create that sense of professionalism we desire when selecting individuals, it helps a great deal if you get your grammar correct.

    We appreciate that English is not the first language spoken by a lot of people. However, you must remember that this is an English-speaking server. We're not saying you should be speaking perfect English 24/7, but it's important that you try to get as close to perfect as you possibly can if you're making an application. That's an important point to consider when / if you're required to make applications for anything in life.

    As a general rule, check your SPaG after finishing the first draft of your application. A good idea is to let a friend read it, receive feedback from them on how to improve, and then make changes accordingly.

    2) First Impressions
    We see our users on our servers all the time, and we like to think we're creating friendships that will last a long time when we see them. However, when you make an appeal, we get to see a different side of you. It's therefore important that you make a good first impression.

    Try to include as much detail as possible for each section of the application form, but don't go overboard. You should be aiming for a moderately-sized paragraph for each section; possibly less for the opening questions, possibly more for the more in-depth questions towards the middle of the application form. How large is moderate-sized? You decide! :)

    Put yourself in the position of a staff member, who has a bunch of applications to read and evaluate. If you compared yours to someone else's, would it stand out? Would you make yourself a Moderator judging by your application? Would you prefer an applicant who filled out all possible options on the application form, or just the bare minimum?

    The way in which you present your application is very important too. The best way to achieve a consistent application is to use the bold text for the questions / titles, and standard text for your answers. If you use the dark blue colours for each sub-heading, that would be even better. Make sure you use the same font size throughout; do not use more than the 3 main colours present on the application form (black, dark blue & light blue), as only using these colours will make your application easier to read, and also will make it look more professional.

    Additionally (and I cannot stress this enough), we must emphasise how important it is that you are honest on your application. If it is discovered that you have lied on an application, it will be instantly denied. Heavy sanctions may be taken if you are found to have lied after becoming a staff member.

    The BCSN Server Administration is built on trust. Trust between staff themselves, that they are able to carry out correct procedures in certain situations; trust between staff and players, that they can get along together, uphold friendships together and create a vibrant & welcoming community. Past acts do not necessarily prevent you from becoming staff, if it's clear that you've matured since past incidents. We do not hold anyone's past against them unless it can endanger the server if they were to be trusted.

    Make sure that your application puts forward an image that you'd like to be known by, or seen as.

    3) Suitability
    Staff members need to be good at their job. Some of you may complain about this, but I personally believe each moderator and admin on the team at the current time does their job quite well. You need to think to yourself: what benefits would the server receive if I were a staff member?

    Anyone is welcome to apply as long as they meet the minimum expectations. The reason Moderator Applications have opened up again, is because - basically - everyone's getting older, and positions have opened up. A lot of our staff have committed huge amounts of time and energy in the past, but are growing older and accessing higher levels of education / work, therefore, requiring more time for studying / working. It's very difficult to achieve this balance of work and play, especially at the ages of 16+. Education is everyone's top priority at this point in their lives, but potential applicants - we hope - should be able to find a suitable balance easier than our older members of staff.

    I'd like to quote a post I made a while ago on a different thread, which talks about the current staff situation, and what the standards are that we expect of staff members:

    "A BuildCraftia Staff Member is a member of the community who has shown friendliness, charisma & a desire to help the server. Staff Members will be loyal, hard-working, able to solve problems independently & in a group, offer advice to users who need it, connect with our community, come online regularly, act in a mature manner when necessary, but also enjoy having laughs and good times to help create the positive atmosphere that BuildCraftia naturally radiates. Staff Members are versatile, and should be able to fill any role that the community and staff body deem necessary."
    Think about your general character; your attitude; your way of thinking. Think about our current staff members. Would you be a suitable addition?

    To finish off with, here are some final reminders (written by Shelby (of a different server), with some slight edits) that you may find useful:

    • Do spend time on Skype familiarising yourself with staff and the community in general.
    • Do use the forums to join discussions with people, it’ll help you understand the people you’re going to be helping.
    • Do read the application format thread before applying.
    • Do spend time on different game modes. Don’t just focus on Creative. Try out the games servers (e.g. DTC, Parkour) too!
    • Do participate in community events.
    • Do expect that we will be looking into your Record Logs and Ban Sheets.
    • Do try to use correct spelling and grammar.
    • Do break your application up into easy to read paragraphs.
    • Do be honest about any issues you have that you think will affect you. We’re very accepting, it won’t be as bad as you think.

    Do not:
    • Do not harass the staff to look at your application.
    • Do not use bright coloured text and difficult to read fonts.
    • Do not give us a huge paragraph for ‘short’ questions such as name, age, etc.
    • Do not give us a short paragraph for 'long' questions such as 'Why would you like to become a Moderator?'
    In previous versions of these 'Tips on how to make a successful [...]' threads, I made a lot of points that became somewhat overwhelming. I've condensed the essential points I think you'll need into these points here. If you think I've missed something out that needs looking at, please feel free to comment your opinion. I'd rather you commented constructively on what you think needs improvement than not comment at all. ;)

    I tended to add points over time to these posts anyway; this will most likely happen again.

    Good luck with your Moderator Applications!


    Please note that all information here is subject to change at the discretion of the Staff Team.

    =-= Last Updated: Monday 21st March, 2016. =-=
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