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    Hey, here’s an update regarding the future of BuildCraftia. We had a lengthy conversation about the server’s future yesterday and we want to share some of the thoughts with you.

    The player count has been extremely low for a while now, mostly caused by the busy school year and some other odd events. We have our hopes up that the summer is going to boost our player count significantly when school’s out. We have plans to try get more players joining the server, this includes heavy advertising in social media and some other, more secretive plans and actions.

    Lately, we have also discussed the future of the minigames. The players who play minigames somewhat regularly is minimal compared to Creative and Survival, for example. At the moment, we do not see fit to focus our time to something that rarely gets used. The current minigames are functional and playable, even Paintball, which we have been beta testing. When we get the player base, and the interest for minigames, we can start putting our time developing them further.

    We have plans to make it easier for new players to start on the server. Spawn is getting some small updates, voting might change slightly and some other minor changes may occur.

    Our future should consist of trying to get some core features and functions up and running. Most of the work everywhere in the network and some of the are server specific. At the moment we have plans to revive the friend system and we also have plans to bring some new features with it as well. More about these in the near future, so keep your eyes open!

    And, since BuildCraftia is all about the community, we hope to revive some of the community events and start sharing what our players are all about. We have plans to pick out some builds from the server, posting them on Planet Minecraft with some fancy photos and video for the world to see. Would be a shame if people didn’t know how amazing things we have on the server.

    If you have wishes, ideas or feedback about our future development, please feel free to share yours with us! And as always, have an amazing time on BuildCraftia!
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    Sounds great Azza! Thank you for all you do.
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