The Christmas Plot 2017

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dusty, Nov 26, 2017.

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    It is that time of year, folks!
    I've been getting quite a few messages regarding the Christmas Plot this year, so here it is! I'm really proud and happy that I've been able to make this plot for the past three years. Sadly, I think this is most likely going to be the last Christmas Plot I am making since I am going off to college next fall. That being said, let's make this Christmas Plot a great one!

    By the time you are reading this post, the Christmas Plot is officially open! To get to it, simply ask to be teleported or do /warp xmas2017! With this Christmas Plot we are going back to the basics with a smaller spawn area, so that way there is more room to build your presents! Since I'm lazy (and very busy), I'm simply going to post the rules of the Christmas Plot in this thread, so please read them carefully (although it is the same rules as past years).

    1. Be kind and respect everyone's builds.
    2. Do not make your presents larger than needed (Basically, do not make an 80 x 80 present. Use your best judgement and if I think it is too big of an area, I will inform you).
    3. Do not destroy anyone else's builds.
    4. Do not open any presents before Christmas.
    5. Make sure you label the presents you build.
    6. Have fun and do not fight.
    7. To be added, ask me to add you.

    Also, let me give a quick little peek at the plot this year...

    While we're at it... let's have a quick trip down memory lane and see the past Christmas Plots!
    That's the 2014 Christmas Plot... it was so tiny and cramped!

    It was clearly very snowy at the 2015 Christmas Plot!

    And woah! The spawn for the 2016 Christmas Plot was huge... not ever doing that again!

    All in all, I'd like to thank everyone for taking apart of the Christmas Plot each year. I hope it continues to be a tradition on Buildcraftia, even after I leave. After all, without the community the Christmas plot would literally be nothing! So, thank you all!
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    boy i love boys that love anime
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  5. I was about to make one of those "Did you just assume my gender" jokes but then I realized, thats one of the details it shares with the forums when they look at your account...

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