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  1. Alkaline

    Alkaline Active Member Penguin Retired Staff

    Hey guys!

    So some of you might know that I have been building the Hall of Heroes.
    This project was a way for me to commemorate the awesome builders/desingers that inspired me during my stay on BCSN.
    (If you want to check it out go to: /warp HallofHeroes)(I have not have the time to add everyone yet though!)
    I wanted this build to be my last big build on this amazing server. You probably know where this is heading by now.

    As of today, I will be retiring from the staff team and limiting my activity on BCSN/Minecraft significantly.
    It has already been over 1 year since I first came on BCSN of which I was staff the majority of that time.
    Boy does time fly.

    Inb4 (<-learned that on BCSN) a boring explanation. smh. (<-that too!)

    The reason for this discision is you guys, BCSN's community.
    You guys are a amazing bunch of people, it is safe to say that I have never enjoyed my time more on any other game than I have on BCSN. So much that it has gotten somewhat addictive.
    Some of you know that im quite a bit older compared to most of the players on the server (3000 years old to be exact) and it's time for me to get a bit more serious about what I do with my time, I am not saying that im a hermit addicted to games but there are some things in my life that I need to prioritize. And the only way to do that is to stop playing Minecraft. I will spare you guys the boring details :p

    Do not get me wrong, I will come on from time to time to check up on you guys.

    If I still have your attention.
    Like some cheesy award speech I would like to thank some people that I met here on BCSN.
    Some of them are probably never going to read this and I am sure that I will forget some people (sorry!) but here I go.
    (They will probably get shorter further down the line)

    *Insert emotional music*

    Kyle/Tnt/Kal-El etc.
    I am so glad you responded when I asked if anyone wanted to see the High School I was building back on Esomething.
    You were the first genuine friend I ever made online. I don't know if anyone else would have put up with my Dutch stubbornness, I sure as hell wouldnt have.
    You were the first one with whom I ever made an entire build. (And you know how much I hate working on builds with other people)
    I don't care what others might say about you. You might be a weirdo, but you're my weirdo and one of the most stand up guys I have ever met in my life.
    Thanks for finding me.


    You were the one who brought us to BCSN after what happened on that other server, can't recall the name.
    If it werent for you we would have never found BCSN and this amazing community. Hell, I would have probably stopped playing long ago.
    Thank you for being such a kind person to everyone you meet. And thank you for all the other things (you know what I mean)

    It took a little while before i really got to know you but I am glad I posted that moderater application a year ago.
    It has been really fun to brainstorm ideas with you and occasionally build something with you. You always helped me out when I had problems/questions.
    You are one hell of a owner and BCSN is lucky to have you. Thank you for being an awesome staff mentor.

    I think you are one of the most active players on BCSN, even though you are AFK most of the time haha
    Shit girl, you are great at building even though you might not admit it. I wouldnt be able to build creatures like that if i tried!
    Thank you for talking to me during summer when the server was almost empty and always giving your opinon on things when I needed it.

    I always enjoyed your un-sugercoated rants, weather they were about politics or any other interests it was always a joy to read.
    Never stop being yourself, let the haters hate. Thanks for being my kohai.

    Even though you were hard to read at times I felt like we got along. That may have been because you love Bubble but I dont care either way.
    It was inspiring to see you care and ask for wolf all the time (and the other way around of course)
    Thank you for helping me build the minigame plot and for loving my dog as much as I do, wish you could meet her.

    You better finish a big build one day or I will haunt you in your sleep.
    You are the most unappreciated builder I have ever met. You have serious talent but you have to stop saying that you dont and finish your build!
    Thanks for showing me a hidden gem on minecraft (aka you)

    I read your goodbye message back when I met you the first time and I have to say that im really glad that you came back.
    I dont know why you decided to stay but BCSN is lucky to have you build that monster project on the server.
    Thank you for sharing your Australian attitude and wisdom.

    I could never figure out if you hated my guts or if you accepted my presence but maybe I haven't known you long enough.
    Thank you for those weird midnight talks we once had and for being a great moderator. And thank you for all those nicknames even though they were kinda mean.

    I feel like its getting shorter and shorter by the person :(

    Thank you for being the bad cop when it was needed and for visiting my awesome country >: D
    You were one of the more stable moderaters hehe

    Thank you for your amazing deals and humorous intermissions at times.
    Thank you for being John.

    Thank you for spending so much time coding the server and fufilling the players needs even though you have your own life to live outside of BCSN.

    Thank you for beating me up everytime I was on the server. You are a ray of sunshine in this giant salty space.

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to decorate your parkour, it had been on my mc bucket list for a long time.

    Thank you for all the awesome renders and animations you make. They are truly a work of art.

    Thank you for helping everyone with your redstone skills and for that 5x5 door of course.
    I have no clue how it works but your pong game is just great. Its the best.

    Thank you for building that amazing appartment for me. Its a shame we couldnt meet under better circumstances.

    Thank you for being such an awesome organizer on the staff team. If it werent for you the staffcalls wouldnt have happened probably.
    Thank you for the Alkapine christmas nickname and making such an awesome christmas plot for everyone.

    Thank you for that amaaaazing fireworks show. I have no clue why I found that to be so great to watch. You did an amzing job on it.

    Thank you for being one of the few players who still play on survival. I had a great time playing there and its a shame there arent a lot who still play there.

    Somehow I get the feeling you left BCSN on a bad note. I really hope Imperium was at fault, if so, im really sorry for that.
    I hope you found a new place for your awesome asian style builds, they are one of a kind.

    Thank you for having faith and not trying to convert people like me.


    Thank you for being honest about hating my staff application :)

    People that I missed in this thank you list.
    Sorry, my memory is not that great :(

    Thank you BCSN community, I felt like I was kinda late to the party but I am still glad I had my part in it even if it might have been small.
    Thank you for all the great discussions that changed topic so fast that you didnt know where it even started.
    Thank you for all the jokes and memes.
    Thank you for being so kind to new players.
    Thank you for the great platform that made me able to build to my hearts content.
    And most of all thank you for being yourself.

    I wish you all well and I hope I will see some of you again in the future.

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  2. ItsAZZA

    ItsAZZA BuildCraftia Owner Staff Member Administrator Owner

    Sad to see you leave... Good luck in your journey! <3
    Now, I'm going on Creative and spam //cri all day....
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  3. Leverine

    Leverine New Member Penguin

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  4. yvagary

    yvagary Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    rip that's all you remember of me :<
    hope to see you around buddy
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  5. Bins

    Bins Well-Known Member

    dad forgot me :(
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  6. Dusty

    Dusty Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator

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  7. Napkin

    Napkin Well-Known Member Penguin

    U two r a joke smh
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  8. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    It's been great Alk, going to miss you a lot, it was a pleasure... senpai :(:( Best of luck for the future and I'll hope you visit :):)
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  9. Remmi

    Remmi Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator Penguin

    hi but bye alkaline
    ive only known you for a few months but it seems like ive known you for longer. tbh idk how i came to know you i was probably just trying to bug a staff member and you just so happened to be the one that was on and you were probably all like "-.-" and so i was probably like "this guy dumb let me bug him some more!! >;DD!!" and now its 2day
    firstly, boi u know i don't hate your guts u jokester
    second, i agree those weird ass midnight 4 u more like 8pm 4 me talks were funny and just random
    thirdly, good luck with your life and job and say hi to bubble for me please
    fourthly, i say you are dumb and old (that 3000 exactly party funi) but i don't actually mean it and even tho you say "its fine i don't give a shit!" i don't want to be mean i hope i didn't offend u too much (((; btw tho those nicks were solid humour boi!!!!!!!! haha dummy
    finally, duck to alkaline i really hope the best for you and you are a gr8 friend! you were an awesome admin/member of the staff team and i hope to see you around.

    p.s. boi if i don't c u around ur discord gonna exploDE!!
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  10. TomBoiiWolfie

    TomBoiiWolfie Well-Known Member

    MY B OY you are so sweet and patient and honest and im so glad i met you!! ive always enjoyed whatever we might be talking about or going on plug with you because you have a great music taste and im really gonna miss seeing you around!! you were one of my fav staff members ever and i think thats because youre pretty kind and fair and just great all around!! none of your builds have ever failed to amaze me and neither have you lol

    T Y Sm mM M M m for what you said to me in your post and any other time on the server, and thank yo U SO M UCH for all the times you took the time to listen to me rambling lmao
    and speaking of rambling im doing a lot of that right now > : oo o but seriously you are One of a Kind and Amazing and i feel so glad that i met you ! ! also no problem @

    cuz i'd do it again !!

    have a good time whatever ur gonna be doing off of mc, i Genuinely Wish u All THE BES T M y B UO Y y y y YY y : DDDD

    pls visit sometimes <3


    shut ur butt, sapsincrabber!!
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  11. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    P.S so sorry 4 the weird chats me and wolfi had, we are younglings exploring the world!
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  12. TomBoiiWolfie

    TomBoiiWolfie Well-Known Member

    you are a youngling exploring the world *
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  13. FatherFan

    FatherFan The Priest Staff Member Administrator Moderator Penguin

    I can't do this man, I'm already getting the feels.

    I'll miss you alkaline :(((((((

    You're welcome bud
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  14. epikplayer

    epikplayer Active Member Penguin

    Anytime, feel free to stop by any time for another one

    I'll miss you on BCSN, but I totally understand why you're limiting your time on the game. Good luck in life!
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  15. Aw dang, I never really got to know you and you are leaving. Have fun with whatever you are going to do. Live life to the fullest Alky
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  16. Alkaline

    Alkaline Active Member Penguin Retired Staff

    I just knew I shouldnt have made those thank you notes. I hate forgetting to add people like this.
    @yvagary @Bins @Acer2332 @Leverine

    Yva ik it doesnt sound great when I put it like that but I love honesty and hate it when people dont say it straight like they mean it.
    So it kinda felt like some fresh air for some reason. And sadly I think the most time we spent together was during staff calls so I didnt get to know you very well like the others do :(

    Bins, did you honestly think i would remember my son? Nobody does these days jeez... But thanks for being my adoptive son :) Sorry that I left you for those lottery tickets at the gass station.

    Acer, I think you were the first player who actually greeted me with HEY ALK! :D back when I first started playing. I felt like we had a bond back then even though we didnt really know eachother. Thanks for being one of the first to vc with me together with Lea (even though you were silent most of the time(and chewing loudly(yes i remember that(And no I didnt have a webcam so it couldnt have been on))))

    Lev, you were too much at times (in chat) but you were always nice to me. The city of glass you created was awesome to visit, I even got to help with a subway station :D I hope youre still working on your music (you bought ableton if i remember correctly) the world can never have enough music.

    Thanks everyone for these kind words, I wouldnt say youre like family (cause I dont particularly like my irl family) but you have been great friends to me.
    Ill be sure to drop by every now and then.
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  17. LumenFidei

    LumenFidei Well-Known Member Penguin

    Ty Alkaline for amazing contributions to the server from the Realms Hub to Archives to the Hall of Heroes to Imperium and much more! It's great you will be checking in from time to time. See you around!
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  18. Lee

    Lee Well-Known Member

    i love u and ur dog ! this is not the end of our friendship bucko i will see u around , or i will die and u will too D : < thx for being 1 of the best staff members this server has ever had
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