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    2015-06-08_21.40.09.png 2015-06-08_21.38.32.png Hello again everyone!!!!! Okay now that everything's calmed down, I can finally talk about something that is relatively new and thriving on the Buildcraftia Server-our survival segment of the server. We currently have around 540 players on survival, and the last time I played, which I believe was on Thursday, June 8th, there was a new player, the 536th player I believe, and the numbers are constantly growing. For those of you that have accidentally stumbled across this thread, let me tell you that the Survival segment of BCSN is an excellent area of the server. It includes its own exclusive survival build world, where you can live in a normal minecraft world, (one as you would find in the default setting in minecraft) and basically live a regular survival life, only with other people on multiplayer. This is a great way to make new friends on the server, and even possibly build a whole village, or a colossal castle! There is also a special feature called the Player Market, where you can get essentials you need to build and survive. Also, there is a PvP and PvE Arena in which you can battle your friends if you're itching for a good fight! Tell your friends and family about it, talk about it on social media, let's get this server more well known!!!! I hope you guys have a fabulous week, and I'm currently stuck in the void so I'll get myself out. Have a nice day everyone!
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