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    When posting in "Survival Bugs & Suggestions", we wish you to follow these guidelines.

    Survival Bugs & Suggestions forum guidelines
    Make sure staff knows if you thread is a bug report or a suggestion by putting [Bug] or [Suggestion] in front of your thread title. Bugs go ahead of suggestions.
    2. Please do not make duplicate reports of bugs or suggestions. Make sure there's not another thread about the subject already.
    3. Remember that we cannot accept every suggestion, simply because there's not enough room for every one of them. You can create a poll to get players' opinions, to back your opinion.
    4. Your post can be removed if it
    - is a resolved bug report
    - denied suggestion
    - unnecessary thread
    5. All the other forum rules apply on these threads, too.

    Thanks for reading these guidelines. If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
Thread Status:
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