Staff Applications are Opening! [Summer 2018]

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    Hello everyone, I'll see if I can cut to the chase with this one.

    After a tad bit of deliberating, the entire staff team have decided to open our doors to a few more members. This time around, we will be hoping to welcome 3 new staff members.
    However, we are bringing back the old rank of Helper, a trial session of the staff life, until you feel ready and accustomed to the rigor of being a staff member here on BuildCraftia.

    Moderating and helping out the server is amazing and an honor, and of course it's a whole lot of fun with your fellow staff members and the rest of the community. Yes, being a staff member requires a certain level of maturity, patience and a variety of other factors. Don't forget that you are an example to the community and especially new players, even if you are not chosen this time around. If you think you fit the capabilities for being a staff member, I definitely encourage you to apply, there is no penalty for applying.

    Applications will open today, the 3rd of June, 2018, and will close Saturday, the 9th of June, at 20:00 BST (3:00PM Eastern Time)

    You can submit your applications in the correct format in this subforum:
    As always, the applications are public and could have been changed from the applications of the previous year. Please remember to read closely.

    The staff team will read the applications, apply heavy scrutiny, and decide collectively who should be able to join the team. Results will be announced within 48 hours after the closing of the applications sub forum.

    Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor. Have a great day.
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