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    IGN: APuddleOfAir

    Alternate Accounts:

    Previous in-game names (If applicable): OnePuddleOfAcyd, SmolAcyd, AcydRain, XxJJGgamingxX, CoolJJG

    Age & year of birth: Age: 12 Year: 2005

    Discord: APuddleOfAir #8515

    Country & Timezone:
    Country: United States Time Zone: Eastern

    Current BuildCraftia Rank: Contributor

    Current Reputation: 0
    - Helper Application -

    Why would you like to become a Helper?: I would like to help my fellow players on BuildCraftia, and I would like to have experience before I go full time.

    What makes you different to other applicants?: I like to welcome new players, and I like to see what other people are working on when i'm not busy.

    Do you have any past experience with moderating?: No.

    If a user asked you for help, e.g. with plot commands, how would you respond?: I would first confirm the problem, then give them the proper command or other information.
    If a user asked you a question you are unable to answer, what would you do?: I would see if another staff member knows how to help.

    What have you done in the past for BuildCraftia?: I have helped other players with builds, and I have been active for 2 years.

    What could you do in the future for BuildCraftia?: I will try to rank up to Moderator, and I would help other players with problems.


    Additional Information -

    Amount of time a day / week you can come online: On weekdays: 3-6 hours. On weekends: 8:00am to 8:00pm

    Which of the BuildCraftia server(s) are you most active on?: From Most to least: Creative, Skyblock, and Survival.

    How many staff application have you made previously?: None

    Anything else we should know?: I am an older brother, (My sister's account is jagress), so I have previous experience helping others with problems. I would like to become more active on not only the server, but also in the community.


    Thanks, Air.
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