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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by ItsAZZA, Jul 31, 2016.

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  1. ItsAZZA

    ItsAZZA BuildCraftia Owner Staff Member Administrator Owner


    Hey there, like some of you have noticed, we have a lot of players online even though it doesn't seem like we do... This is something to do with our new secret project. The players are real, but they are somewhere else. More will be revealed later in the future. And no, this is not a server merge in any way!

    If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. As this is a big secret still, we are not able to answer to all of them!
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  2. Wordguy

    Wordguy The Flash Staff Member Moderator Penguin

    What is the new project? Also, will this impact the other servers?
  3. FatherFan

    FatherFan Priest Mod combo Staff Member Moderator Penguin

    Why are we being kept in the darkness for this?
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  4. TNTMan1289

    TNTMan1289 Well-Known Member

    This sounds like cheating to get more people to come on
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  5. Tntdestroyr

    Tntdestroyr Member Penguin

    Hey whatever works, .. works i guess :p I'm sure we will know more later, no worries. TBH i honestly don't care as long as it doesn't directly affect my game. Right? :\
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  6. Jeremy

    Jeremy Jeremy333 Staff Member Moderator

    Can you tell what KIND of server it is??? o_O
  7. Wordguy

    Wordguy The Flash Staff Member Moderator Penguin

    Guys, remember to read the thread. The players are indeed real. So yeah, it's not a ploy or anything. Right?
  8. Napkin

    Napkin Well-Known Member Penguin

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  9. OptimusZambie

    OptimusZambie Active Member

    So that's who runs the server, #StopTheChildLabor
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  10. LordN826

    LordN826 Well-Known Member

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  11. PhoenixStudios

    PhoenixStudios Community Manager Penguin

    (When everyone finds out what it is) ..

  12. JeremyC

    JeremyC Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    This has stimulated my udders.
  13. johnyman333

    johnyman333 The John Penguin

    Does the secret project involve purchasing a lot of ownerless accounts to log onto the server and simulate attention to it so it will draw in many real players?
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  14. Napkin

    Napkin Well-Known Member Penguin

    EW BOI
  15. RazerH

    RazerH Moderator Penguin Retired Staff

    No, these are legitimate players, as mentioned by Azza's post.
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  16. LordN826

    LordN826 Well-Known Member

    I'm putting a 20 on it and saying it has to do with Paintball

    Edit: and Azza is bullshitting you, all those players are my alt accounts
  17. MewBeach

    MewBeach Member Penguin Retired Staff

    The curiosity...I must know the secret xD I will eventually though :/ I just hope this won't cause any connection issues on my part
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  18. Wordguy

    Wordguy The Flash Staff Member Moderator Penguin

    When will we find any information out about this?
  19. RazerH

    RazerH Moderator Penguin Retired Staff

    Soon, it is undetermined so far. You'll find out when you find out.
  20. Miner

    Miner Bye y'all Penguin Retired Staff

    You'll all love it when the sekret is revealed. For now enjoy this adorable picture of Taiga and Ryuuji :3 [​IMG]
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