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    Hey guys,

    I've been advised to create a announcement about Pet Packs and why we cannot retrieve old purchases. Keep in mind, when you make a purchase off most Minecraft servers - you are never guaranteed anything. Since most of them are not real businesses, they call their payments "donations" which in return they send them a few in-game benefits without promising them they will receive it. Since there is a bunch of talk on EULA etc. - it's hard to determine what is allowed and what is not allowed. However, Pet Packs and other cosmetic items are allowed by Mojang - F.Y.I. we do not enforce the EULA however we have to acknowledge it and try to follow it because Mojang are the creators of the game we have based our network around.

    So, back to Pet Packs... we actually cannot check which pet packs each player had. This is due to BuyCraft and the 'reset' of BuyCraft when we changed to Arcadia. Therefore pet packs cannot be verified. Even if we were able to verify players' pet packs, it would be humongous work for us, admins and owner, because every pet per player requires writing a permission command.

    We understand that this may be frustrating and confusing for some members however - it's just not that easy to give everyone their pet packs back.

    However, on the awesome side of this - Pet Packs are back (You can purchase pet packs by typing '/buy' in-game or visiting! You can now stroll around with your pets and have fun creating races, etc. Remember - some pets are only available to donators because they have supported the server with bigger payment(s).

    As always, have a nice day and if you have any questions - don't be afraid to ask me or another staff member or administrator,
    MacMeBennyZ (Zach)
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    I also like that anyone contributor and higher gets a bat, and MVP gets a horse. Thanks to Azza for that one lol.
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    Good work as always!
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    As I said before, it's down again. I just wanted to make notice to it because I don't want anyone to buy a pet and be like "oh I wasted my money on a dumb server." because you didn't. It's just not working right this moment. It will (hopefully) be fixed soon. Thanks guys :)
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