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    Plot ID


    Map Overview


    First Layer Spawn

    Second Layer
    Third Layer
    Barrier Protection on Layer 1
    Pregame Platform Players Spawn on before the game starts

    An unconventional three level map inspired by old Buildcraftia player "Kenreao". Every layer requires a slightly different strategy to stay on top of things. Barrier blocks are protecting the walls on the top layer to deter cheating by being able to stay safe climbing on broken bits of wall.

    Why should this map be selected?

    I've had this map in the back of my head for a couple of years now but since slimerun was out of commission for a long time, there was no point in creating it. But since the mini-game is back in action and people are loving it, I was in the mood to build it finally.

    I think this map should be selected on account of it's unique layout. Most (if not all) slimerun maps follow a radial pattern that is equally sized on every layer, and I think this map will break that convention in a fun way. The sort of split-design of the map makes the players quickly choose which side they want to play on before the bridges on the top layer break, which means that potentially one player could be safe on one platform by himself while the other 5 players are wreaking havoc on the other. Interestingly if a player falls from the bridge to the third layer through the split gap in the middle, they can still recover back to second layer since the bounce is high enough to rebound.
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    This map has been accepted and will be added to the game soon!

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