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  1. yvagary

    yvagary Well-Known Member Penguin Retired Staff

    Last I heard you weren't accepting these but it's worth a shot anyway since I'll probably forget about this map in the long-run.


    MissRemmi and Kn0wnIzuriha

    Plot ID



    (Resource Pack: John Smith Legacy JimstoneCraft Edition)

    I had this phase forever ago where I just wanted to make a ton of maps for things so I thought what the hell, new mini-game, new map, right? So I had brainstormed a while, and whilst brainstorming we had the Slime Run build competition. Kn0wn and I made a Homestuck map, but we made it somewhat smaller and he didn't think it would win anyway so I tried again. I ended up making an XBOX controller themed slime run map. No, I don't have an XBOX, but my brother does. It may be a bit simple, but it is cute in my opinion ;3 The map consists of four levels including the spawn. Each player will spawn on a letter (A, B, X, or Y), and from there you will start your game of slime run. Each letter sector is walled off with brown stained glass. Enjoy :)

    Why should this map be selected?
    It's a simple map, yes, but I believe that it could be very fun. I'm not sure how many levels it was supposed to be, but I know that most vary in level amount, so why not 4 levels? Each level is exactly the same with exception to the spawn area on the first level. Why should it be chosen? Since the new API is coming out, I thought brand new maps would be a fun twist to things :) And why not have a ton of maps? It's fun to have a variety of maps circling around and wondering what map will be next. Just like in DTC. I've always enjoyed the sense of having so many maps that there is a slim chance you would play them all in one sitting. Especially because sometimes they repeat maps. I would enjoy playing my own map :)

    Special thanks to:
    Remmi for helping me with the glass on the top and the letters :3
    Kn0wn for fixing the XBOX controller when I made it look a bit weird :3

    Thanks for your time!!
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  2. Wordguy

    Wordguy Shultz#7997 Staff Member Moderator Penguin

    I love this map so much. I r8 8/8 no deb8
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  3. HoundofNimbus

    HoundofNimbus Well-Known Member

    I love it Yva
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  4. yvagary

    yvagary Well-Known Member Penguin Retired Staff

    Thank you :)
  5. RazerH

    RazerH Moderator Penguin Retired Staff

    Looks unique
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