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    So me, zach and a few others have been working on skywars! Yes. Another game!. Well, zach did most of the work, I just came up with alot of ideas :p. Anyways, skywars as many of you go is a pvp game that is half hg, half skyblock. 4-12 people spawn in a game with each having an island below them that has 1-4 chests. The chests contain armor, weapons, food, exc. The object is simple. Be the last one standing. So unlike the previous 3 minigame servers, this does not run off the current API. All of these are custom plugins made specifically for skywars. We also have a different spawn for skywars due to the complexity of servers and such. Some pictures of the spawn are shown below. 2015-01-09_22.33.32.png 2015-01-09_22.33.21.png 2015-01-09_22.33.16.png 2015-01-09_22.33.11.png 2015-01-09_22.33.05.png 2015-01-09_22.32.58.png 2015-01-09_22.32.44.png

    Skywars is still in beta!!! Report any bugs to staff asap
    Items are one time buy in the shop, so don't send any complaints that you only get your items in one game
    We need maps! Requirements are simple: 4-12 islands, 1-4 chests on each spawn island. And each island is relitively the same in size
    And finally, connect to skywars right now using /server conquest but this will change!

    This is something that zach, me and many others have put many hours into. We hope that you enjoy. If you want to know who helped with the project, go behind the game portal building.

    We hope that you enjoy the new game!
    -Jeremy and zach
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  2. MacMeBenny

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    Thanks to everyone that has helped make this possible - we all spent many hours into this and it wouldn't be possible without all of you! <3
  3. IPROXGio

    IPROXGio Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    Is it the original skywars maps or is it different?
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  4. RazerH

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    Jeremy you scrub you took pictures of the portal building at the wrong time when I was still working on it
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  5. Ryan3419

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    This looks AWESOME I cannot wait to play. Thanks to everyone who helped to make it!
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  6. HazlerTheDazzler

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    WOOOOOOO, this is so original.... but I am still excited
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  7. JeremyC

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    Right now we have one map. So we need maps from BC :p
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  8. IPROXGio

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    I made a map ages ago, so yeah, just use it
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  9. athletedan

    athletedan Active Member

    Omg! I recommended to add this game! Cant wait for it to be playable!
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  10. Lee

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    i looked at the pictures a second time and i noticed i am like running from the camera man in one of the pictures
  11. Kashers

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    I made the parkour! I feel so accomplished. I was up for 3 hours doing it :D

    But yay to Jeremy for being a huge part in making the skywars! <3
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  12. HazlerTheDazzler

    HazlerTheDazzler Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    Just to let you all know, the end theme has been taken xD a map will be uploaded soon
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  13. athletedan

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    here is me and harry's skywars map.the theme is the end! the pictures from top to bottom are: top of one of the islands, top of the middle island, another island, mine for a regualar island, mine for the middle island plot id: -91;26 cords: X: 7918 Z:2280 hope you all enjoy so heres the pictures:
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  14. woffles1212

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    When will it be released?
  15. Quicksteve

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  16. athletedan

    athletedan Active Member

    Whos maps have been added?
  17. Kashers

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    It's a secret- of is it? It's all a mystery. Actually I don't even know

    Good luck to the people who submitted the maps though!
  18. woffles1212

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    CRAP! I accidentally clicked report instead of reply... sowwy....
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  19. athletedan

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  20. Axebreaker

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    Love it. xF4Bytp.gif

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