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  1. MattyC

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    Dear BuildCraftia Community

    I am writing to you today to inform you of our new ‘Senior Moderator’ rank which has been introduced.

    This rank has been appointed to three moderators, those being comprised of 1 from the Europe region and 2 from the United States region.

    I am delighted to inform you that your new senior moderators are IPROXGio for the Europe region and Th3Kn0wnM4n4t33 and Yvagary for the United States region.

    Their responsibilities will mostly be behind the scenes but these members will have much more power in game so they will be able to assist you in game when no admins are online.

    Thank you and have a nice day
    Matty :)
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  2. athletedan

    athletedan Active Member

    Wow congrats to yva, known and gio!
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  3. Ryan3419

    Ryan3419 Active Member Retired Staff

    Congrats to you all!
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  4. HazlerTheDazzler

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    kn0wnforred, its getting closer. But congrats Gio, yva and kn0wn you guys deserve this! :)
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  5. JeremyC

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    congrats to le sr. mods
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  6. KillzamZ

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    I know such a plain comment

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