[Request] Buff Archer and Builder Armor

Discussion in 'DTC' started by KnownUnown, Aug 8, 2015.


Should Archer and Builder armor be buffed?

  1. Yes.

  2. No.

  3. No. Nuke the armor of the other kits.

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  1. KnownUnown

    KnownUnown Member

    It is in my opinion that archer and builder armor should be buffed. Preferably to chain with leather hat and boots.

    Kits will be more balanced. Archer and Builder will no longer have a humongous disadvantage in defense compared to Bomber and Melee.
    - Kits would make more sense. Instead of having compromised defense and quite mediocre items due to the defense situation, Archers and Builders will have better defense and by extension, can better use their kit items.
    - Everything would look better. Really.

    In addition to the armor buff, I would also like to request that shooting arrows on all kits require a pullback time of more than 1 second, to help combat bow spam. (Looking at you, archers!)

    Please vote and reply with your own extended opinion.
  2. NapkinDabber

    NapkinDabber Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    Definitely archer, but despite common thought, builder is actually kind of OP already since it has large amount of blocks and will be getting a diamond pick soon.
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  3. Quicksteve

    Quicksteve Supreme Overlord Penguin Staff Member Administrator Owner Moderator Event Winner Penguin

    I'm considering adding more projectile protection to Archer, not better armor in general though. As Napkin already mentioned, Builder is already receiving a buff by getting the diamond pickaxe.
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