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    Good evening,

    as you might have seen, there have been a few staff changes. Let's get straight into it:

    • Kai quit her position as moderator
    • Nine quit his position as admin
    • Hestia has been demoted because of inactivity
    • Alkaline has been promoted to admin
    We wish farewell to Kai, Nine and Hestia and are very grateful for their long service. We hopefully will see them on the server from time to time still. We also congratulate Alkaline for his admin position; he has been very supportive and kind on the server and a great staff member overall.

    There has also been confusion about Gleba returning and "getting his Moderator rank back": this is not entirely true as he stayed staff member the whole time but was just put on hold for a few months as he had things in real life to take care of.

    Finally, staff apps are open! You should definitely check it out if you haven't already.

    Have a great day on BuildCraftia!

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    Dry for mod 2k16
    Worst idea since Trump
  4. DoctaCirno

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    rip n congrats : d
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    R.I.P. Kai and Hestia, your afk will always be remembered
    R.I.P. Nine, your memes and creative jokes won't be forgotten

    Welcome Alk, you are for sure a great staff member, and you'll be memorable admin

    He was member when he came back soooooooooooo....

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