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    Hi. I was digging through some lost media and found old screenshots I have of the server. Enjoy.

    Whale plot:

    This was one of my first server builds ever from 2013 and I thought it was the greatest thing ever. I posted it on the forums and it had around 4000 views. Idk why this whale is beached, but since it’s smiling it must not be in agony! I deleted my original 5 plots around 2015 because I was embarrassed that I would be associated with builds like this, but now I’m upset that I deleted them.

    Burger Prince
    If you have ever been to the BC Airport warp, there are a bunch of parody restaurants past the TSA area and one of them was labeled “Burger Prince! Not based on Burger King in any way!” And I just laughed my 14 year old ass off and decided to make the burger prince palace. I really wanted this to be a warp and I was annoying everyone online like “come check out burger prince!” before a staff member told me to stop spamming or else I would get muted. What a ridiculous warp idea lmaooooo.

    My Chaos Base
    I came back to BC after a Summer Hiatus in 2013 and the server had developed new servers other than creative during my absence. I joined the chaos server and made my first friend on the server, dubswerenski. She was banned for building penises on creative and never returned. Anyhoo, my chaos base was pretty lit. Unfortunately That motherfuckin moderator DigDug would ALWAYS teleport to my location and then raid my base. I was so fed up that I went out of my way to build huge letters made of dirt right in front of the spawn that said “DIG DUG SUCKS” and I was super scared that they would find me and ban me haha!

    North Pole Plot
    I was creating this hideous northpole plot starting in November 2013. You know what else happened at this exact moment in time? Player XKingKashX comes online bragging about his abdominals and calls me a loser. I wanted that fucker to get ran over by the polar express so bad smh.

    Pirate Parkour:
    We all know that Arcadia was an abomination, but it’s plot system was even worse. Instead of five 80x80 plots, you had to work with three 100x100 plots. The extra room was cool, but 3 plots are still 3 plots. Attrocious. This was my most prized build with tons of help from TNTMan. We created a pirate themed parkour that was long and challenging with 10 different levels and a lot of Easter eggs. It was scheduled to become a warp, but since Arcadia was only around for about 3-4 months, the plot was sent to eternal void. I think with 1.13 on the way, and my much improved skill, a better one can be built.

    Power Plant DTC
    Arcadia DTC sought after HUGE MAPS with riculously large gaps between player sides. So I saddled up my new gang of Remmi and Jeremy and we built this power plant DTC. You may notice that I used SEUS shaders for this. I never used shaders again after an mc update where I foolishly downloaded malware in the process of downloading shaders and became paranoid of internet downloads for the next several years.

    Gio and the Owners:
    The Arcadia hub world was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen come out of this server. It’s too bad I decided to take a picture of Quicksteve, IPROXGio, and MacMeBenny in a bunny suit instead of the scenery.

    Do u have old screenshots that have been hidden from the server?
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